7 Speedy Branding Tips to Keep You on Top


When it comes to branding, there’s a golden rule that should be followed, one that guides customers directly towards your brands over their competitors. Branding should be catchy, appealing to the eye, recognisable, noticeable, bold and of course totally epic! There are so many tips, perks and alternatives you can choose from when you’re looking to rebrand your established product or service or maybe even start up a new concept from scratch. Here are a few quick tips you can follow for your next branding exercise:

Be a friend not a foe

Whenever you’re thinking of updating your marketing content – make it personal. Aren’t you sick of receiving material from your internet provider addressed as ‘Dear customer’; surely if they know who to bill at the end of the month, it shouldn’t be that hard to call you by your name.

Stand out from your competitors, greet your clients by name in any personal marketing material; add a touch of humour, be warm, be friendly and talk honestly. This will win over the hardest of hearts.

Be a question master

Asking your customers the right questions can be your key to success – getting them to speak honestly with you and share their opinions, complaints or suggestions could lead to your path for success. Your customers are the ones that need to be happy and this should be the team’s priority.

Encourage your team of employees in the marketing department to A/B Test, gather survey results and really reach out to a pool of demographics with focus groups, polls, competitions and other forms of engagement.

Taglines soaring

You can do the exact same thing for your taglines; get outside opinions and evaluate the results based on popularity. The important thing here is not to make it a competitive thing among designers, copywriters or any other member of staff as that could have a detrimental effect on the team you’re supposed to be supporting.

Getting a second, or even third opinion from professionals in the same line of work and even from others who have a complete outsider’s opinion can generate varied content that will hit each demographic bang on the head.

Google Ads are your friends

Google Ads; analytics, keyword research and the bulk of the work that Digital Marketing experts focus on makes your brand stand out from the crowd. There’s so much vision and strategy entailed in a branding revamp; some special forces need to be called in.

Hitting the top searches on any SERP is vital, but pleasing Google is always your best bet. Your brand will find a whole new range of interest if it’s targeted to the right people. Getting a clear and structured message across and using stand-out imagery will get you on top.

You’re not going to please the lot

The number one rule to success is belief in your product. The main reason why competition is healthy to the market is mostly due to the fact that the buyers out there know exactly what they want.

If your brand appeals to the luxury, artisan market; then you’re never going to please the budget buyers looking for a quick and easy product. Target well, not even the most convincing marketing strategy will convert the non-believers.

Listen to your audience

Keep your ear to the ground when it comes to your brand – the voice of the public can never be silenced and their opinion should be at the top of your priorities. Feedback should be seen from an unbiased point of view; whenever a complaint comes your way don’t try to justify it – figure out solutions to the problem and take action.

Your clientele are your livelihood, so keeping them happy should in turn keep your brand from failing!

Build up your socials

If you’re not on the Gram or making use of Facebook to its full potential; then you’re not really in the game yet! Follow the trends, understand the demographics and appeal to them on the biggest platforms out there.

Using Instagram stories could help build your brand’s image with non-brand priorities such as the environment, local or foreign news or even corporate social responsibilities that you brand associates with or supports.

The key tips in boosting your brand cannot be narrowed down to a simple list. If you’re working your brand image in the right way; you need to ensure you follow your brand’s growth. Every brand is a living facet in its own right and flexibility, creativity and strategy are the best ways to breathe life into every bit of information you share.