What is a Document Management System?

No matter what type of business you’re in, you probably generate quite a few documents in a week. Keeping track of these electronic or paper documents is an essential practice that keeps your business organized and ready to take on new challenges. But sorting out these files might be quite a time-consuming task if your documents are scattered in different locations on your computer, in your office or around the company.

Finding a document management solution that fits your company’s requirements might be all you need to sort out your paperwork.

What are electronic document management systems?

Document systems are generally used electronically to organize and store your data in a systematic order for easier access and faster retrieval. An Electronic Document System (EDMS) is a software system that keeps large quantities of documents safe and generally include filters that will narrow down searches and in turn, reduce the time you spend looking for a file.

What are the benefits of document management systems?

While keeping track of your documents has its own, obvious perks, a DMS can streamline your storage and give you better control over who can see and access your data. Here are 6 benefits to implementing a Document Management System into your business:

More Storage Space

Freeing up your office from piles and piles of files can not only create more space in the physical sense, but also clear your mind with a quick-fix solution. No need for filing cabinets dominating your workspaces, a DMS can sort out your filing in no time.

Improved Security

Up your security levels with a DMS that provides a visitors audit and restricts access and editing from certain parties. Control who can see what and when with settings that keep frauds at bay but keep in-house efficiency at an all time high.

On-time Regulatory Compliance

Keeping up with everything can be a nightmare, but there are certain things you don’t really want to fall behind on. Documents like tax forms and other legal paperwork need to be accessible at all times and with a DMS you’ll be able to locate and even schedule files to interact with the system user.

Exercise Collaboration

If your business model relies greatly on research, be it market or competitor research, you probably have a number of documents that come from different sources, a DMS will help you gather all this information into one space. You’ll also be able to share such data with outside appointed personnel who may need access to the files.

Less Chance of Disaster

Using a DMS will drastically reduce your chances of losing a file or misplacing its contents. A real-time backup solution is usually attached to your DMS, allowing you peace of mind and reassurance that everything is to standard.

And so many more:

There are so many more reasons why a DMS is the right solution for you; some of the more intangible and unmeasurable factors include;

  1. Improved flexibility,
  2. An edge over the competition,
  3. Time management solutions and
  4. Improved communication with clients and partners.

How do you choose a document management system?

Choosing the right DMS for your setup may be tricky and the last thing you want is to invest time managing a new filing system to find out it’s not the right fit for you. Why not get in touch with the experts at 4Sight to give you the best solutions to meet your needs? Our greatest advice is to always choose a DMS with:

  • a simple and straightforward interface,
  • a focus on collaboration and sharing facilities,
  • verified support action and 24/7 access and
  • an intelligent algorithm that categories files to your requirements.

Looking to learn more? Contact us today for your best options in DMS solutions.