OMG, this Website is just Delicious!


Making a cake can seem complicated, especially if it’s the first time you do it. The secret for a good result is being able to combine the right ingredients… using the right methods.

If apparently making a dessert can seem so complex, you’ve never tried to create a website! However, these two different topics have much in common.

To make a cake, generally, you need basic ingredients such as eggs, flour, butter, yeast, milk. These items are used to form a substantial base that will then be filled and decorated with other ingredients.

In the same way, when developing a website, the work of the web developer using programming languages is fundamental to guarantee server-side operation, to create the structure, the content, dynamism, etc.

But for the success of a cake it is enough to have only a sponge cake without sugar, cream, icing and decorations? Absolutely not.

This is where the work of the graphic designer comes into play, able to create images, banners and visual content in general, gives an identity to the website, making it attractive to the users, as well as when judging a cake by the look.

Where does the SEO fit in this comparison?

SEO has a dual role. SEO can be compared to the sugar content contained within the ingredients used to make the cake (like the cream, icing, cherries, etc that each contain sugar content) are just as the key ingredients that are used by designers to code the website and make it appealing to the search engines and also the end-users.

But not only that, SEO also acts like the baker (using the same analogy as above), who displays and highlights the cake’s main features to attract and entice the customers taste buds and interest.

And what about the lighted sign on the façade of the store with that states “The best cakes in town”?

The light sign would be represented by the Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising strategy!

Each of these aspects are essential for a cake to be classed as beautiful and delicious to satisfy the customer’s needs!

Unfortunately, at 4Sight Group we can’t make cakes, but we can build your website and help you get the best results from it.