ERP Explained. What Is Enterprise Resource Planning And How Can It Improve Your Business?


Running a tight ship means that everyone involved in your company’s development is working together to create profit for the good of the business. There’s a win-win feeling when you hit a deal with a new customer, you feel as though you did right by your employer and you also get that grand feeling of achievement on a personal level. ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, helps to make these magical career episodes take place.

ERP is aimed at bringing together every department in your company, no matter how big or small and developing a system where all parties in your organisation are involved in its success and growth. ERP software has been designed by experts in the IT field to manage a myriad of aspects dealing with your business. From sectors such as inventory management to finance, sales and HR, ERP is a software tool to keep all these teams working seamlessly together.

Learning about the different benefits of ERP can help you to decide whether your company needs this service or not. There are many reasons why ERP can result in long-term growth and we’ve highlighted 5 benefits for you to investigate further:

1 – A visible supply chain

At the end of the day, every business no matter how big or small, wants to interpret and crunch the numbers in their favour. There are a number of ways in which ERP can help navigate your company through this tricky situation, keeping everything transparent is probably the best option.

With an ERP software solution, your delegated staff will be able to track, analyse and take action on a number of data-specific targets. Take a shipping or freight company for example; monitoring what products or good have made it to their final destination is top condition compared to the others that got damaged or spoiled along the way greatly impacts your overall performance. ERP is a tool that can send information to your peers in a flash; recording accurate data and allowing the specialists in your team to solve the problems at hand.

2 – Productivity on the rise

The worst thing for a solid business plan is time wasting. There’s nothing worse than idle minds, not utilising your staff members to their full capacity not only loses you money in the long run but it also demotivates staff and encourages them to seek inspiration elsewhere. Keep your staff busy, keep them happy and make the most of their knowledge and know-how.

Avoid manual entry work that can be formatted by a machine; give your employees a real task and let the ERP software you adopt get all the processes in order. Automated operations provide accurate data in real-time speeding up the process while allowing your staff to get their hands onto the good stuff.

3 – Get that real-time data

Fast, efficient, accurate and always available. ERP software solutions are all about constant access and this is a necessary tool for larger businesses that have international affiliations with clients or even support staff who work remotely around the globe. This tool can maximise performance for executive running to-and-from meetings as well as structure their days a little more.

With ERP integrations, you can house all bits of information from a multitude of databases. As your business grows, so would your database and thus your profit margin. Scalability is one of the major assets of business expansion and with a steady ERP solution by your side, you are never short of perfection

4 – Challenge your costs

Cutting costs is always a primary concept in any business person’s mind. ERP software will be your money saving tool when applied to your current structure of business. One reason for its success is the management operations and prevention of delays – this makes things quicker and more fluid.

Business owners ask themselves the key question, “where can we cut costs?” every single year – with an ERP software system, the nagging questions will never need to be asked again, your snazzy database will sort that out for you in a matter of minutes.

5 – Your customers are top

The customer is always right, right? Well, they think they are and business owners need to ensure that they feel taken care of and respected throughout their entire customer journey. This is all a question of customer satisfaction, customer care and overall customer evaluation of a business’ services.

ERP tools are able to give you quick access to customer information and their history as your client. Knowing this kind of information will help you prioritize loyal customers, understand their needs and make your services a little bit more efficient.

Whenever you map out your strategies in a clear and clean manner, the rest of the job is pretty straight forward. Put targets at the forefront of your business plan, make sure everything is running to a T with the ERP software solutions you choose for the overall success and increased ROI of your start-up, SME or major corporation.