Le 3 migliori strategie di marketing digitale che tutte le startup dovrebbero provare

The rate at which digital marketing has changed is quite significant, in fact the past few years might have brought about even more change than the last 50 or so years. With social media marketing taking the forefront of our strategies, startups hoping to kill it in their industries need to shape up and try out all the possibilities.

Getting noticed in this day and age has probably become the most important factor in digital marketing. When you’re not getting noticed by your niche market, it most definitely means that your competitors are. And with that comes the fear of missing out on an entire stream of potential business, simply because your company is not choosing the right digital marketing options.

If you’re not quite sure which digital marketing strategies could give you more exposure, bring more potential customers your way and ultimately increase your ROI with a few simple choices, 4Sight can guide you in making better decisions. Check out this top 3 list of all the digital marketing strategies that could be effective for your business:

Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the most popular forms of communication with a client base, but despite its popularity, many thought that the technique would die out due to the impact of social media, influencers and other new age factors.

Aim: give your markets as much information as possible without bombarding them with lengthy emails. Remember an image speaks a thousand words and when you’re on mobile, scrolling down endlessly to understand a long email might be a little tiring.

Top tips: use catchy copy that converts, be sure to build your theme, sell the major points of the campaign and use colours that draw attention. Keep it short, yet effective.

Other forms of marketing that could compliment Email Marketing:
Affiliate Marketing
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Probably the most popular, effective, sought after and valued digital marketing tool out there. Social media marketing is all about grabbing the attention of your target market, or anyone that will come across it for that matter. Social media marketing can go askew though, if you’re not using the right tone of voice of point of view.

Aim: to communicate with a niche market with your company, brand or product’s core principles at the focal point. By keeping true to your pillars of success, your social media marketing efforts should pay off and translate to the right audience, ready to convert.

Top tip: It is paramount that you conduct the appropriate market research before you attempt to kill it in the social media marketing field. This dog-eat-dog world is constantly innovating and finding new ways to stand out from the crowd. Get in touch with the hottest influencers in your field and allow them the chance to be ambassadors for your brand.

Other forms of marketing that could benefit your Social Media Marketing efforts:
Viral Marketing
Referral Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
If you’re in the marketing game and haven’t heard or made use of search engine optimization as a marketing tool, then we’re pretty sure that you’re doing something wrong, and this might be the reason. SEO is one of the most valuable and measurable forms of marketing across the internet, in fact it is able to convert pretty well on its own, without any outside help.

Aim: SEO is intended to deliver quality information to an interested party. You are not hunting down readers, but in fact giving the readers who are hunting your content down, what they are looking for. This allows you to be thought of as a reputable brand with a firm knowledge in their field of work.

Top tip: Keyword research is one of the most important factors in delivering quality SEO content. WIthout the basis of SEO, your content is ranking on presumptions rather than actual ranked searches. When conducting keyword research it is beneficial for SEO experts to share keyword densities with their content writers in order to boost their quality in content.

Other forms of marketing that could give your SEO Marketing a boost:
Google Ads in the form of PPC
Retargeting Ads
Truth be told, there is no absolute remedy that can help boost your Google rankings up to Page 1, nor is there a magic spell to get you to the Blue Tick status on Instagram or even take your Email Marketing interaction rate to 100%. But there are ways to get your brand noticed, valued and appreciated with the little efforts that you put into your Digital Marketing Strategies. But as a start-up you could have the golden ticket.

You’re still in the startup phase, so you have the chance to do things right from the get-go! If your brand sets its efforts on delivering a strong and effective Social Media Marketing Plan, incorporation an omni-channel approach across Instagram, Facebook and perhaps TikTok and Twitch if you’re targeting a younger generation – where your brand’s lifestyle, interests, ethics and fun facts are shared, you’ve already got your foot in the game. But if you incorporate a frequently updated blog onto your streamlined website-come-shop, and ensure that SEO powers your content plus email marketing shares your latest deals and offers, there’s a fine chance that your clients will latch on.

As a start up you’ll find that retaining clients is how businesses thrive, so be sure to slip in some PPC Ads, some Viral Marketing Ploys and give your Content Marketing the upperhand. With 4Sight guiding you through every step in the process, you’ll be soaring in no time. Our experience and expertise is what keeps our clients, customers and consumers happy to come back for more advice in creativity, strategy and overall return on investment approaches.

Get in touch with 4Sight today, we’ll give your startup the best Digital Marketing Strategies!