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Whenever an IT project comes our way at 4Sight, our main objective is to provide our new clients with the most efficient service possible. Ever since 4Sight started working with Ferraracasa, we’ve been able to optimise their IT infrastructure in both their office and showroom.

Getting things organised
The IT Audit

As a standard IT service analysis, at 4Sight, we always conduct a thorough IT Audit to understand exactly what our new clients need in their IT infrastructure setup. This task allows us to identify the pain points in their technology standards and upgrade them to optimise their daily working processes.

Taking action
The Changes

During our initial steps, Ferraracasa’s office and showroom IT infrastructure was updated from their slow and dated existing setup to a highly effective and efficient responsive IT solution.

We even connected the company’s showroom to their offices to create a seamless connection between departments. This allowed for less time wastage, a highly organised system and better customer service.

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    November 3, 2021