Enhance Consumer Confidence to Guide Purchase Decisions

girl shopping online

When two-thirds of consumers say that “making the right purchase decision requires more effort than in the past” it indicates a barrier to confidence in the decision-making process.

What Actually Drives Confidence?

According to a study conducted by Google in collaboration with Ipsos, involving over 18,000 people across 18 markets (learn more about the survey), the most confident consumers have:

  • Higher industry knowledge
  • More relevant information
  • A relationship with the brand through previous purchases

Make information easy to find

79% of consumers state they feel more confident purchasing after conducting necessary research and cross-checking information for accuracy.

If you are a brand: contribute to industry knowledge by making information easy to find and credible.

Understand consumer needs

73% of consumers look for ways to simplify the process when there’s too much information available.

1 in 3 consumers sees the lack of information about a product or category as the main barrier to purchase.

75% of consumers say they get excited when they find a new product that fully meets their needs.

If you are a brand: facilitate the shopping experience, build knowledge, understand consumer needs.

Leverage AI

82% of consumers would like AI to help them:

  • Find things that are hard to describe
  • Summarize relevant product information (e.g., reviews)
  • Search for what they want by taking a photo

If you are a brand: leverage AI applications in search and advertising.

As a brand, demonstrate understanding of consumer needs, develop their knowledge, and ease their purchase journey. 4Sight Group can help you achieve these goals. Get in Touch!