3 Sure Signs That Your Business Needs Systems Integration

The way we work and structure our work life has developed from a pen and paper method to a full-on digital swarm of tools and platforms that simplify our work loads, allowing us to share tasks, calendars and systems with our internal colleagues or even our 3rd party vendors and clients. Whether your company takes on a full digital approach or takes it easy with the sort of digital implementation they adopt, once your time to convert to a systems integration setup arrives you will definitely notice the difference.

What is systems integration?

A systems integration is basically a tool that connects all your tools into one flowing system. While you can use independent tools to regularise your systems in your industry; information inputted into each separate tool may not be able to be communicated across all tools in use by your company. This can cause a loss of communication between teams; resulting in an inefficient service and waste of time and money.

Working with a systems integration tool streamlines your professional data and allows for easier transfer of information. A systems integration tool is recommended at the start of a business as adopting systems integration tools later in the game may result in a loss of information for each independent tool previously used by a business.

Luckily, teams like 4Sight can integrate all data gathered in your years of business into one free-flowing tool that will ultimately revolutionize the way data is shared in your organization. This packing together of information through systems integration will result in data connectivity and task automation.

This can push your business in the right direction allowing for increased growth and innovation in the services rendered.

Does your business need a systems integration tool?

Recognising the need for a systems integration tool may not be a point black sort of realisation – in fact, many companies miss the signs and struggle to stay afloat. Here are a few signs you may want to look out for – these will indicate that it’s time to call in 4Sight for a full systems integration implementation:

1. Drop in productivity

This is always a wake up call for business owners and managers. Once your team of busy bees starts to deliver fewer completed tasks, the business as a whole will start to fall back on client deliveries and may cause reason for complaint within your client pool. It could also hold back other team members relying on others’ work that has been delayed.

Adopting systems integration tools into your company will eliminate manual entry of data and cut time dependent tasks in half. A systems integration tool can streamline all data with an extreme level of consistency, allowing your team to focus on more important tasks that they may have had trouble keeping up with before. A systems integration tool also lowers the company’s margin for error.

2. Need for more

When productivity reaches an all-time low, most employers believe that it’s time to recruit new staff to keep up with the workload. While this is true for many cases, it is important to notice whether your team is spending more and more time on seemingly irrelevant tasks rather than their duties.

If your team members are using a good portion of their time working on tasks that can be automated; the likelihood of employing a new team member will only result in more problems – an additional salary with a percentage of that wage going towards activity that could be solved with systems integration tools. This could also cause more stress for your existing team.

3. Loss in clients or sales

This is the end all for all employers; once a client is lost, a company immediately goes into panic mode. Pointing fingers at different reasons for loss, creating tension in the work environment. As a manager, your primary role is to identify where the problem is stemming from. In some instances, the issues might be related with an employee, but more often than not the issues that lose clients are due to increased waiting time, failure to deliver specified tasks, inconsistency and even complete dismissal.

Yes, every team should be on the ball and keep up with their workload, but as a manager or employer it is important to divide work equally. Bringing in a systems integration will allow for more streamlined work, with a transparent and targeted system that organises client necessities according to urgency so no human flaw can cause damage. This automated system can easily be configured for your team with the help of 4Sight.

If your company is currently going through a slow patch with client retention, new client acquisition and has been seeing a decrease in workflow, a systems integration tool may be the solution you are looking for.

Get in touch with our team of experts at 4Sight to learn more how a systems integration could help you get back to your desired work system in no time.