Data Consolidation

“Above all else show the data.” – Edward R. Tuft

Businesses and everything around is a mine full of data. Information is created at every step of the business process. Whether it’s a quote, a project description, or financial documentation, the data within explains so much about your business.

Storing this information in a structured manner to be able to generate relevant reporting or analytics is key to most businesses. If you’re still storing most of your information on unformalized excel sheets, or different file-based solutions you may need a data consolidation process to stabilize a base.

Data consolidation is the process of understanding the important data pertaining to a business and structuring it in such a way that a proper uniform is designed so that data integrity is kept at best. With this method, one may then be able to pull out and generate reporting and analytics out of the common fields and factors within the data, and ultimately getting the trends and readings out of the stored information.

At 4Sight, our software developers and data specialists analyse your information in detail, to come up with solutions that can possibly take your business to the next level.

With data consolidation; your data as a business is translated into an easy-to-use way that allows for more developments to take place. Data consolidation does not necessarily mean creating a software solution to consolidate, but is the process of mapping your data appropriately. If a new software solution can prove to be helpful in this process we may suggest it as an extra step to enhance your performance, but the consolidation process itself refers specifically to raw data in your possession.

Data Consolidation

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