SaaS Development

“The single best decision we ever made was to make customer service everyone’s job.” – David Cancel

Software as a Service, known as SaaS, is a distribution model of selling software solutions as an ongoing service rather than a one-time fixed product. Our Timestead and Drive-E products are both SaaS model-based services in which a monthly subscription is applicable for the client.

With SaaS adopted into your company’s framework, hefty sums can be avoided when it comes to keeping all your working machines up to date. Monthly subscription costs make software solutions far more cost effective – especially from start-ups, new businesses or expanding companies. The development, maintenance and hosting costs needed for relevant software are incorporated within subscription fees – breaking down the financial strain to small monthly payments.

We strive to package your custom solution into an SaaS subscription model, giving you flexibility, sharing options and remote possibilities across the globe.

SaaS Development

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