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If you searched for “SEO Services“ or “SEO Agency” on Google and you landed on this page, we can say that we have done a great job and we could do it for your company too.

Every day on Google billions of searches are carried out all over the world, but only companies that have decided to invest in SEO services are able to position themselves in the top Google search results when users search for products, services and information.

Being in the right place at the right time to satisfy users’ search intent, translates in an increase in qualified traffic to your site and consequently an increase in contacts and sales.

SEO Services on Google SERP

Your Situation

You may have launched your website years ago, but are struggling to sell online, you get few requests, and ultimately don’t make your annual profit. Most likely, whenever your customers or prospects do searches relevant to your business, your website is not among the top search results on Google. All this is a missed opportunity for the company, but thankfully 4Sight’s SEO consultants can help you!

SEO: a powerful
marketing strategy

SEO means Search Engine Optimization – and is an extremely powerful marketing strategy to give your business more visibility online and increase your business volume. Unlike other marketing strategies, SEO Marketing intercepts the intentions of potential customers who search online, thereby attracting highly qualified traffic. It also provides clear suggestions based on user habits, keywords used and other targeting details to maximize results.

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Why Your Business Absolutely
Needs SEO

  1. Search engines are often the main source of website traffic
  2. 93% of online experiences start with a search engine
  3. With SEO, you can bring your brand in front of the right people at the right time and reach customers ready to buy
  4. Users from Google typically have a high conversion rate
  5. Being visible when users search increases trust and credibility
  6. The results are quantifiable, tangible and lasting
  7. SEO brings out new opportunities in new markets
  8. If you are not on the first page on Google, your competitors will be

SEO Consulting

4Sight Group is a Full-service SEO Agency headquartered in Malta and Cyprus that operates both locally and internationally. We have been dealing with SEO with passion for several years and we continue to constantly update our knowledge and skills.

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Our approach is consultative, strategic and operational. We understand your business, study the market, analyze the competition, understand the objectives and difficulties, then create the right SEO strategy to achieve your goals.

We know the most effective on-page and off-page SEO strategies for the success of any type of business. We offer reliable SEO services in with full transparency and the best customer service you can find. We’ve brought results to happy customers, and we can do the same for your business.

Remember: SEO is not a cost. It is a healthy
investment that leads to the growth of your

With our SEO consulting services, we will provide you with the path to success.


Our SEO Services:

• Business, market and competition analysis
• Study of the search intents (keyword research)
• SEO Audit and site health
• Strategy development and SEO planning
• On-page SEO optimization
• Technical SEO optimization
• Information architecture optimization
• Content marketing strategy
• Local SEO, Google Business Profile and Google Maps
International SEO and multilingual sites
• Off-page SEO and backlinks
• SEO migrations
• SEO for eCommerce
• SEO for corporate sites
• SEO for editorial sites and blogs
• SEO analysis and reporting

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When we work on online visibility projects, we often also deal with:

Web design and development
Website migration
Social media marketing
Pay-per-click Ads

We are therefore able to take care of the SEO factors related to development, design and content, and to integrate SEO into an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Our team of SEO experts can position your website and your Google Business profile on the first page of Google and increase traffic, leads and sales.

SEO Testimonials
from our SEO Customers

At 4Sight Group we pride ourselves on the professional SEO service we offer to our Maltese and international clients.
This is our job, we like to do it and we are always proud to show the results to our customers, who in turn, give us positive feedback on the increase in turnover they experience thanks to our efforts.
Here are some things our customers have said about us:

SEO FAQs: do you still have doubts about the SEO?

Here are some SEO FAQs (frequently asked questions and answers)
written directly by our SEO Marketing Consultants:

What does SEO stand for in Marketing?

What does SEO stand for in Marketing?

SEO is an acronym used in digital marketing.
It means Search Engine Optimization.
SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

What is SEO and how it works?

What is SEO and how it works?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a part of Digital Marketing consisting in giving, through strategic and operational activities, visibility to a website or a web page in the search engines organic (unpaid) results.
The aim of SEO is to intercept and satisfy users’ online searches related to a certain product, content or service and then increase web traffic, conversion rate and ROI.

What are the tangible benefits of investing in SEO?

What are the tangible benefits of investing in SEO?

  • More visibility on Google
  • More traffic to your website
  • More leads
  • More sales

What does Local SEO mean?

What does Local SEO mean?

Local SEO includes all the activities aimed at local positioning / geolocation on search engines of a business that operates in a specific geographical area. The aim is to increase the online visibility of local businesses in order to serve local user searches at the exact moment and in the geographical area of interest.

Why is my site not visible on search engines?

Why is my site not visible on search engines?

Many people think that it is enough to have a website to be automatically visible online, but this is a dream and entirely untrue. Search engines use algorithms to classify the results and give the user the most relevant answer to the searched query. The ranking factors are varied and if your site is not ranking, it is probably not properly optimized. An SEO consultant is able to optimize a website using the most effective strategies.

Can I choose which words to display online for?

Can I choose which words to display online for?

Keyword research is a phase of SEO work and a search engine professional is able to use advanced software to find out the exact word search volume in a specific geographic area and the competition for each of them. This research is done based on each client’s specific business objectives and according to the advice of the SEO consultant you can then decide in which direction to navigate.

What are the guarantees on the ranking results?

What are the guarantees on the ranking results?

Beware of SEO agencies that guarantee a number one position on Google. No one is able to do this with mathematical certainty. A serious and professional agency is an agency that has the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in the sector and is able to develop an appropriate strategy for each client that will bring tangible results. The guarantee that an SEO expert/consultant can give is to significantly improve your website’s position on search engines and online visibility along with the number of customers acquired.

What are the costs of an SEO campaign?

What are the costs of an SEO campaign?

The costs may depend on various factors, for example: the current situation of the site, the number of pages that need to be optimized, the number of keywords, the competition in the market, the duration of the work, etc. At our SEO agency in Malta we offer SEO packages of any size and to suit every business need. If you are dissatisfied with how your site is performing online, please feel free to contact us and we will suggest how you can generate the results that many of our satisfied customers have already obtained and continue to obtain.

SEO videos: learn more about how Google works and
how to choose an SEO Expert

Here are some short videos to learn more about how Google Search works, including tips for hiring an SEO specialist and how Google’s software indexes the web, ranks sites, flags spam, and serves up results.

How Google search works
How Google Search Works
Tips for hiring an SEO
Tips for Hiring an SEO partner

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