Cutting-edge solutions with 4Sight Group and Euronovate’s new partnership in Malta

digital transformation consultants

Euronovate and 4Sight Group announce their partnership to offer new digital process solutions in Malta and Cyprus, held by the strengths of both companies. 

Apart from the services that Euronovate brings along, 4Sight Group will acquire expertise related to E-signatures while providing Euronovate with expertise on Digital Transformation processes.

Although all sectors require these services, companies in the Insurance, Financial, FinTech, Healthcare, Telco, and other regulated industries will greatly benefit from this. 

Partnering with Euronovate Group gives 4Sight Group new cutting-edge solutions to reach issues that companies in Malta, Cyprus, and throughout Europe are facing in their day-to-day work. Some of the new services 4Sight Group will offer include Create: Managing and Securing Digital Identities; Multistandard Signature over omnichannel Solutions; Issue and manage Digital Certificates.

This collaborative agreement is an excellent opportunity for both companies to expand their reach, share expertise, and deliver superior digital strategies to clients both in Malta, Cyprus, and throughout Europe to provide them with tools and technologies that help them move one step forward into their digitalisation process. 

4Sight Group is a multidisciplinary Group based in Malta and Cyprus with the capacity to provide a plethora of services all related to the IT & Digital sector. The company is divided into 4 lines of services specialized in different areas of ICT and Digital: Technology, Creative, Business Solutions and Digital. 

Euronovate operates on an international scale providing companies with tools for document digitalisation, adopting an end-to-end approach, and ensuring compliance with national and European regulations. Operating a business model that adopts an end-to-end approach, adhering to three pillars: Trust, Integration, and Consultancy.