5 Questions Companies Should Ask Themselves When Discussing a Website Redesign

Designing a website is such a vital part of brand awareness. And with the increased competition in every market, finding ways to stand out as a valued competitor in the field could be your golden ticket in beating the market and increasing your ROI.

For that reason, companies with a good head on their shoulder take rebranding and reevaluation of their mission seriously. Seeing as most conversions take place on a website, rebranding a site requires planning, focus and a whole lot of creativity. Especially if your website is where all your traffic is directed to.

Your target audience is fluent in your brand qualities, they know what you’re better and they know why they’re loyal to you and your brand, but what about newcomers? How do they react to your website?

When you’ve decided to take on a rebranding project for your brand, your website should be in prime focus. Here are 5 questions companies should always ask themselves before they attempt to redesign a website.

1. Is your brand positioning clear?

Analyse your current website, extract all the vital parts of the site, its principles, the catchy content such as taglines, the bold imagery and possibly the SEO attached to your site. These should all depict the goals and targets you wish to provide your client base with.

There might be some hope in your current website, the gist might all be right – but maybe it’s the presentation that needs altering.

Every time a visitor enters your website, either by redirection from your social media platforms or perhaps organically and spontaneously, your brand positioning needs to be crystal clear. Holding onto a dated website might deliver the wrong message to your followers.

It could be a simple aspect of loading time, a confusing structure or inaccuracies in text that throw people off, so finding the fastest way to increase brand awareness from the get-go is the highest priority for UX and UI designers, content creators and SEO experts.

The experts at 4Sight keep these factors at the forefront of their work constantly, give us a call, we’ll set you in the right direction.

2. Is your SEO any good?

If you’re going to take away one golden point from this excerpt, this is the one. Online without SEO is doomed. As simple as that. There’s no going around it, finding ways to avoid it or failing to understand the tool. It’s a critical part of business today and has the ability to reach the masses with maximum visibility.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the foundation of reach online. It only works if strategy and planning are a key focus of the expert handling the project, and could be the perfect reference point for your preferred market.

The aim of SEO is to appear on the first SERP (Search Engine Result Page) list, ideally in the top 3 of Google’s search. This happens with keywords, a carefully selected list, backed with analytics, research and a lot of testing. Employing an SEO specialist, such as those available at 4Sight, could help bring your website to a whole new level.

3. Are your leads converting?

First of all, are you generating leads? A lead is simply genuine interest in your brand and the services or products you wish to sell off your website. Are people interested?

If you’re not generating leads, you’re definitely not converting enough. You might have the few retainer clients who consistently follow your brand, but what about new traffic, fresh blood, new converts?

Finding ways to appeal to your clients has a lot to do with the way you present your brand’s voice. A website is a great platform to deliver your point of view and tone of voice. This starts with an eye-catching design, convincing content and engaging CTAs (Calls to Action).

Understanding how to do this flawlessly could take time and will most definitely induce a lot of frustration if executed poorly in-house. Getting expert advice on web design, web development and content creation could lead you onto the road to big conversion rates. Get in touch with 4Sight to find out more.

4. Is your material accessible?

You might have all your content very neatly organised in your website. Blogs all categorised, visual imagery capturing attention and copy that really executes the brand’s strategy. But what good is it if it’s lost in the never ending web of your site?

The minute a user finds himself lost in your website, they’ll narrow down their search to a competitor. The impatience of the 21st century is not one to forget, ever. The way we engage with content now, with the use of mobile devices amounting to the biggest percentage of online searches, is fast – there’s no time for intense searching, navigating through a website’s site map to try and find the information you’re looking for. We want information and we want it now, with minimum effort.

Restructure your website in a way that draws people in and keeps them there. Create a flow, a tangible movement across your site that keeps your viewers coming back for more. This easy-search function should not be limited to frequently updated pages only, make sure your contact page, enquiry form, about us and homepage are all easily accessed from different sections of your website.

Does this all sound too confusing for you? 4Sight can help – this is what we call a fun project!

5. Are you compliant?

Compliancy is the buzzword of recent years. We’re constantly following social media updates, looking for the trends and techniques that will bunk up our following. But doesn’t your website deserve the same treatment? This is where 4Sight can lend a hand.

We understand the ins and outs of GDPR Compliance, in line with EU and Brexit rules, we take local and international interest in your brand seriously and make sure that every pixel of your site is optimised to meet all governmental standards.

Other compliance aspects could include KYC (Know your Customer), KYB (Know your Business) and even AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks that are absolutely required by industries such as iGaming, Blockchain or Cryptocurrency, Artificial Technology and Medical Advancements such as the Medical Cannabis Industry.

Keeping abreast to all these factors is so important for a fully-functioning website with great traffic and conversion rates. Other factors that also come into play here are disability access, improved with Alt Text addition and other practices.

There’s no saying how and why people react to our websites, but what we can definitely learn from the ever growing industry of digital marketing, is that following the guidelines and understanding the best practices to adopt could be the make or break of your industry and its demands on your viewers.

Get in touch with one of our website redesign experts, we’ll set up a team that will drive so much more traffic to your newly designed and structured site!