5 Reasons Why Construction Companies Need Custom Software

Construction companies are constantly on the go. Globally the construction industry makes up for a great percentage of the world’s global revenue boosted into the economy. With skyrises popping up in major cities and renovation taking place on a daily basis, organisation is key to success.

Contractors and builders are no longer turning up to work with their tools and a hardhat; their project briefings are just as intense as any other industry’s guidelines with additional regulatory boards setting laws and regulations to abide by. Making sure every project is managed in a timely and cost effective manner means some sort of tracking needs to be implemented on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Every project requires different specifics, building a hotel is very different to building a school or hospital. These customised projects require a software system that is tailored to their specific needs. This is where digital custom software comes in to save the day.

What is custom developed software?

Custom software is bespoke, featuring all the criteria needed to complete a project to the standards of its specific industry. The construction sector is no different. Designing software applications for particular niches in the market requires understanding and interest in the sector; and when designed correctly, a custom software development tool can provide far greater benefits than a widespread software setup.

Custom construction software management tools can bring so many benefits to a profitable project; some of which include:

Increase communication and collaboration

It’s a fact that modern technology has revolutionised the way we work and keep track of our daily jobs and duties. When working for a construction company; technology is used constantly to communicate with construction workers and contractors; but this is all done with a smartphone.

Wouldn’t it be far simpler if details could be tracked immediately without hitting the middle man? Well, custom software specifically designed for the construction industry could feature tracking features to allow everyone involved on the project to keep on track.

This tracking could detail anything from absenteeism to material delivery statuses. Such tracking could also be a great indicator for whether a project is running smoothly or not; delays in construction could be highlighted and uncontrollable set-backs taken into consideration.

Accurate plans and schedules

Like in every sector, different professionals hone in on certain skills and become experts in their field, choosing the right people for the right job could help your projects save time and money by identifying key players for a specific task.

When worker profiles are inputted into the custom software system, creating schedules and assigning work becomes a whole lot easier. A cross-referencing system could pair the perfect construction worker with his dream project; where he knows he’ll be able to exceed expectations. This keeps staff happy and clients even happier.

Office and Field in sync

As in every industry, dealing with people means dealing with characters; and no matter how good you are at your job, there are always those clerical jobs that slip your mind or frustrate you when a job is ongoing.

One of the biggest problems dealt with in the construction industry is collecting time sheets. Construction workers are not known for keeping a pristine log of their hours and when working for a major construction company, where payroll is involved, this can cause a great problem.

Custom construction management software can solve this with a simple click of a button, for each and every employee in a contractor’s fleet.

Get those documents in order

Think of all the papers you collected when placing a simple furniture order online; now imagine that for an entire project where every nail, every paintbrush and ever tile is accounted for. All material, raw or finished, that is needed for a construction company needs to be documented – making the construction industry a paper-heavy business.

Losing documents could cause major issues with suppliers, material management and eventually even invoicing. Why not keep track of every document on your company’s custom software? It’s a bespoke feature that could save you from hours of filing and even help the environment at the same time.

Safety matters

Danger is one of the expected cons in the construction industry, but modern technology has developed solutions to prevent any sort of harm while construction workers are on the job. Such technology includes sensors that monitor conditions and alert users when danger arises. Spikes in heart rate or signs of fatigue can be triggered by such sensors; these can in turn be synced with custom software databases to inform site managers of his staff’s wellbeing.

Adopting custom software into the construction industry can lead to more informed decisions and more accurate detailing of projects. Whether it’s a series of small construction projects or a major job that will take years to complete, a good software setup is highly recommended.

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