5 Top Reasons Why You Should Care About User Experience (UX) Design

UX design

What is UX Design?

Understanding what UX Design actually is can be quite a task to wrap your head around. UX stands for User Experience and it ultimately relates to the path and process that an end user would choose during their visit to an online website, software or mobile app. This path and process is measured by user satisfaction brought about by the usability, accessibility, interaction and overall pleasure brought by the website.

A good UX designer is knowledgeable in the steps and paths needed to give the clients and end users a site that truly conveys the company message, shares enough information in a timely speed, adds value to their day and makes them excited to return to the site. Quite a tough order, but the UX experts at 4Sight can deliver a seamless website with their eyes closed! It’s what they love to do and they do it with pride!

What is the difference between UX and UI Design?

While UX and UI design compliment each other and pretty much work hand in hand, they are two fields of expertise that hone in on different skill sets. A good designer may have skills based on UX and UI but a UX designer focuses primarily on analytical and technical fields of information while a UI designer ‘s job is something more relatable – what we know as graphic design.

UX Designers also work in roles similar to Information Architects, Program Managers, Content Strategists and Functional Analysts while UI Designers dip into the world of Graphic Design, Brand Design, Web Design and Frontend Development.

Understanding the necessity of both UX and UI is a valuable method to achieve more out of your visual connection to the rest of the world. UX is not more important than UI and neither vice versa, they need to work together to compliment each other and develiver a premium website.

What kind of qualities does a great UX Designer have?

A great UX Designer needs to have a technical mind, and a whole lot of patience. But there are also a number of key traits that a UX Designer may not know they require for the job! Here are a few:

Curiosity: to research the best solution for the project being tackled

Communication: to get a message across clearly and to understand instructions well

Care: to give 100% of your skills for the client’s benefit

Logic: to find a systematic way of thinking that solves problems fast

Lead: to be able to take over and show your expertise, even when others don’t agree

Love: to pour 100% of your heart into the overall design and planning

Precision: to find easier paths that make the project more successful

Punctuality: to meet deadline and deliver with time to make necessary changes

Pride: to share 100% of your success for your own benefit

What kind of tools do UX Designers use?

The first tool a UX Designer uses is skill, it’s all about the creativity and innovation you possess as a person that takes you to new heights in the world of UX design; but there are a few handy tools that you can start working with if you feel UX is the job for you.

Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch are the leading industry standards for UX and UI design. Each take some time to master but with the many sources of information out there, in the form of courses, conferences and tutorials, you’re sure to get the hang of it.

Caring about UX is as important as caring about why your company and its branding looks good. They’re synonymous in fact. The more you know about UX, the more you appreciate the hard work that goes into it – the more you will care about how your users feel after visiting your platform.

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