6 Top Tips to Creating, Maintaining & Strengthening your Construction Company’s Brand Identity

The construction industry is one of the most saturated industries in the market, Malta included. Standing out as a real competitor in the Construction industry takes a tonne of forward planning, detailing the ways you will be perceived by your following and your competitors. Branding is one of one the major factors in strengthening your company’s image

Learning how to brand your company in the best way possible for your market is vital in this day and age where we are constantly bombarded with visual messaging that immediately makes and impact on us. A powerful brand identity allows your marketing efforts to highlight the best qualities of your business or company and helps to generate traffic to your website, social media, office or wherever you are directing your leads. 

Branding is all about hooking in your audience, hoping that they catch on and convert as loyal customers or brand ambassadors

What is branding and how can it help my construction business?

Since the competitive market is so fierce and fuelled, finding ways to penetrate the market with your original strategy and unique branding is the only way to remain a viable competitor, let alone stand out boldly in the crowd. 

A brand is more than just the product or service you are selling. A brand is a holistic approach to the experience that your clients enjoy while making use of your product or service. It’s the experience that you share with your clients through customer care, both virtual and in person, it’s the way you present your brand online or in your shop and a whole other myriad of things. 

Branding is the term used to describe the end result of developing a brand process. To which there are many ways to develop the brand story. Some of the questions you should ask yourself when creating a strong brand image are:

  • What is the source of the company? What are its foundations? Why does it exist?
  • What does the company do? What does it stand for? What are its principles?
  • How does the company offer their services? What services does it offer? How does it deliver these services?
  • How do you view your company? What value does it bring? How is it unique?
  • How does your company operate? What techniques do you adopt? How do you ensure success?

Finding your brand image is the hardest part. It takes the most planning and creative thinking. And once the creation aspect is done, the actual doing and the maintenance parts come along. Here are 6 top tips on how to draw more attention to your brand with a solid structure and effective strategy:

Share your story with your clients through effective marketing

Sharing your company story might be a long and tedious process, but if you break it down to the core, return to the branding exercises that brought your brand along and think about your audience as a friend, you’re bound to get your story across well. 

Make your clients know who you are with clear messaging

Your clients follow all you do, they watch your every move on your socials, they keep an eye on your email marketing offers and they wait for new services to launch with eyes wide open. Learning what your clients want is a great way of maintaining your relationship with them. Finding the niches they’re after and the perks they’re looking for will allow you to remain interesting in their eyes. 

Consistency will make you seem more reliable and credible

Keeping consistent with your brand is the way you can appear credible and reliable. Finding ways to create routine, consistent imagery and focused messaging that all fit into the same theme is how you can zone in on effective branding. 

Use strategy, psychology and sociology to up your branding

Finding ways to best connect with your market takes a lot of planning and market research. It’s also incredibly important to use psychological techniques to have clients connect with your brand; choosing the right colours and font of your logo could make a world of difference. The sociological aspect also plays a big role too; using the human element to connect to your brand could spike more interest. 

Find your unique points and allow them to flourish

No matter what your differentiating factor is, make it stand out as a selling point to your customers. A brand that hones in on their unique qualities is a brand that knows what they stand for. Whether it’s an expertise or a payment feature, a style of work that you cater for or even an industry to specialise in. Make it known.

Make your employees your brand ambassadors

There is nothing better than advertising by word of mouth. And there’s no better spoken compliment than a word of praise or appreciation from your staff. If the working force behind a brand is proud to be part of the team and deliver the services for the company, you know the foundations are solid – and since we’re dealing with construction, that is the most important part isn’t it! 

Some of the most important lessons you’ll earn in branding are on the job. From creating the perfect brand to maintaining its presence and then strengthening its qualities and messaging, branding is a full time job that requires patience, understanding and commitment to succeed. 

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