6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Social media marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective source of advertising in the modern age. With target markets swarming to social media platforms for the latest celebrity news, gossip and trends as well as stock markets, local and international, these habits together with general entertainment needs are constantly accessible by means of smartphone technology.

With so much attention on social media apps accessed through smartphone technology, social media marketing techniques need to be spot on, every, single, time. There’s no explaining to an impatient follower of your page that the last post was shared by an inexperienced intern – the reaction of loyal followers should always be taken as constructive criticism and push brands using social media marketing techniques to stray away from avoidable mistakes.

What are the challenges of social media marketing?

Social media marketing might be the most efficient form of communication with the public. The flexibility of launches, instantly editable material and possibility to react to consumer interaction gives social media marketing its unbeatable connectivity with users. But there are a few challenges tied with social media marketing and these include:

  1. Keeping your audience engaged through social media platforms,
  2. Creating a safe and informative environment on your social media platforms,
  3. Delivering an honest and accurate method of communication,
  4. Staying true to the intentions of the social media page for your specific brand.

What are the biggest social media mistakes you should avoid?

Beating the challenges to reach your social media marketing goals greatly depends on your ability, as a marketeer, to avoid mistakes.  Here are a few tips to keep you on track with your Online Reputation Management (ORM):

1. Don’t forget to set your audience

The very nature of social media is its ability to target the right people at the right time. Forgetting to select your audience could direct all marketing efforts in the wrong direction or to none at all.

Focus your social media strategy on your target audience, if this seems like a challenge to you contact 4Sight to help you set up a persona buyer.

2. Don’t forget your brand guidelines

You created your brand, or work for your company for a reason, so the brand image that reaches the public needs to be in line with your guidelines. Failing to do so could drive your followers away since you are no longer providing what they are looking for.

Be true to your brand and share your content with pride.

3. Don’t forget to polish up

You’d never go to your first meeting with a new employer or client in your PJs would you? So why would you leave your business social media profiles unfinished? It’s pretty much the basis of first impressions and they could very well be everlasting.

Present yourself to the world as you wish to be valued.

4. Don’t forget your content plan

A content plan is as important as ever when it comes to social media marketing strategies. Setting up your social media experts with a content plan allows them to plan ahead, anticipate major events and even aim for their KPIs.

4Sight’s content planning for social media marketing might be the solution for a busy team looking to hit marketing perfection.

5. Don’t forget to keep it up

When it comes to frequency of posting on social media, your marketing campaign should always be able to fulfil your audience’s expectations. If you don’t seem to have enough content to maintain your audience, push the launch of your brand or campaign a little further.

There’s nothing worse than an active social media page that goes dormant for weeks on end.

6. Don’t forget to reply

Whenever a follower contacts you on your business social media account, you absolutely need to get back to them. Whether it’s a complaint or a quick hello, be upfront with your followers and give them the time of day they deserve.

If you’re having trouble with responding to your social media messages, get in touch with 4Sight for professional tips on how to deal with followers.

Social media marketing is one of the best tools we’ve seen in the marketing industry. Following these guidelines and communication with the expert social media managers at 4Sight could lead you to marketing success. Get in touch to find out more.