6 Top Tips on How Mobile Apps Can Boost Customer Satisfaction

mobile apps

Keeping your customers happy is probably your number one goal in business – every successful company honours the age old saying, ‘the customer is always right’ and constantly tries to find new ways to keep their faithful clients on their good side. Giving your customer a platform to access your services, products or information with the simple click of a button is a strategically sound move in the face paced life of the 21st century and the best solution to this is creating a fully functional mobile app.

Studies have shown that introducing a mobile app as one of your contact points will improve your customers’ service experience and help retain a healthy and active clientele while increasing your return on investment. Here are 6 top tips on how a mobile app can improve customer satisfaction and keep them coming back for more.

Branded visibility

Swipe left and right on anyone’s mobile phone and you’ll quickly recognise a good percentage of the apps they’ve downloaded and saved on their screens, simply by connecting colours with logos and eventually the services they provide. Your branding is everything and it needs to be on as many platforms feasible to your service or product. Keeping your app active on iPhones or Androids alike also increases your connectivity with your clients.

Ultimate response

Let’s face it, we forget to do so many things in a day and if we’re not given a reminder of some sort, we’re bound to forget at least half of the pending errands on our list even if they are super important. Creating an app with 24/7 access and optimised user experience can help your clients to keep your product or service at the forefront of their minds. Plus you’re always there if they need you.

Get connected

Building your own mobile app means you can integrate so many features into your set up, a striking development team is all that stands in your way of fully realising your downloadable dream. What if your app was connected to mainstream social media? What if your clients could share their experience and queries online via community platforms? These features will boost your reachability and help you target new customers.

Pro Tip: make sure posts are monitored before sharing is approved to avoid spam and unprofessional sharing.

Boosted earnings

It goes without saying that as your customer pool deepens, so should your pockets! A great business plan of this era requires excellent marketing and mobile apps are the all inclusive solution for a complete fix. Watch your ROI increase as old and new customers download your app from the App Store or Play Store and make it your company’s goal to constantly improve your app’s services.

Full add-ons

If it makes sense to your company mission add it on! Whether it’s an informative blog or a fully functional shop, your app can deliver a colossal amount of features that will give your download the full service. Study your competitors and find ways to improve your service with innovative bespoke features designed to give your users that royal treatment.

Always loyal

Finally, the greatest perk of being a loyal customers should be the company benefits! Give your loyal customers something special every now and then – but make them work for it. Whether it’s an app download or friend recommendation, a Facebook share or an awesome customer review; this positive reinforcement should be rewarded with a loyalty scheme, special offer or grand giveaway.

Ultimately, mobile apps are fun, interactive and useful ways to keep your customers happy with the top-notch service you provide. They’re extremely accessible and super easy to use if created in the most structured way possible. So if you’re looking to give your customers a well-rounded experience of your business; get in contact with us for a bespoke app that’s sure to give you the upper hand.