7 Reasons Why a Travel Agency Needs a Website Now More Than Ever

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In modern countries technology is being adopted across the board in various niches and is considered as one of the companies` critical assistants or partners, boosting conglomerates, but also smaller corporates and even freelancers.

These facts make us aware that it is easier to obtain results in any business simply by utilising tech, and even a travel agency would benefit by implementing tech tools in its daily business run.

Let us focus on one of the most popular and basic kick-starters among the tech gears on offing in the digital realm – the website.

What Should a Travel Agency Website Feature?

Nowadays there are a variety of tech tools and dedicated apps to assist you in building your very own website be it for business or personal, some offer their basic services for free while others need a subscription. However, one could always reach out to experts in the field to set up a competitive professional website.

Closing the niche on today`s subject – travel agency – it will be too easy to start jotting down statements and dumping photos of your agency to grab attention. Instead, a more professional way would be to make sure that the following crucial elements are featuring on your website.

  • Ensure that your company`s info is clear – we would add accessible, featuring your mission statement and even a short welcome video if you like.
  • Images and videos – must be of good quality.
  • List trip packages – ideally accompanied by photos, itinerary and clients` testimonials, comments or feedback. Moreover, you can group your clients` comments in a separate dedicated page on your website.
  •  Include details such as locations and most of all pricing – be honest don`t reserve any surprises or hide extra costs in small print or in the terms and conditions, as these methods would most probably end up in negative P.R. which side-effects are monetary but there`s also the risk that your agency loses clients, and remember word of mouth publicity is not only free but powerful, so make sure you`re mentioned for the good reasons only.
  • Transportation services – if on offing list details, as clients would need a peace of mind on how they will be travelling from and to their airport of choice or port. It will be greatly appreciated if this is also included in your travel package.
  • Maps and guidelines – admittedly nowadays thanks to technology almost everyone has access to maps on their smartphones, but a travel agency which caters for this too would be very enticing especially to senior citizens.
  • Tips – any helpful tips that come from the travel agency expertise would mean a lot to your clients or visitors checking out the website, assisting them in planning and choosing well in line with their budget.

The Benefits of a Travel Website

Just like shopping nowadays most of the travel bookings are being effected online, therefore it is paramount for a travel agency to set up a website and reap all the advantages that come with it, such as:

  • Online marketing is vast and the new way forward, clients will search for or come across your website, get to know more about your brand and what it offers
  • Advertising is made easier via a website
  • Boost your travel agency influence on clients
  • Earn trust by showing other customers` feedback from experience
  • Clients can easily book trip packages of their choice
  • Enhance your reach yielding more sales

Behold! The 7 Reasons Why Your Travel Agency Needs a Website

So, let`s cut the fluff and come to the crux, here are seven valid reasons why your travel agency needs a website to soar:

  • 1. Brand Identity – any reputable and renowned travel agency owns a website just like Airbnb and Expedia, make sure you`ll compete on a level playing field, don`t miss out.
  • 2. Advertising – inform your clients about your services, packages and prices all in one place – a website. The majority of publicity is happening online, increasing reach.
  • 3. Customer Influence – clients tend to prefer and be more confident around websites, so attract their attention and earn their trust.
  • 4. Visuals – capture your clients` attention and eyeballs by displaying a dynamic, interactive website featuring sharp pictures, videos and information.
  • 5. Online Booking – around 80% of bookings are made online, so definitely you don`t want to miss out on this one, thus make sure you enable this key option for your clients.
  • 6. Review Section – there is nothing more assuring for clients than to read other customers` experiences and/or testimonials, so make sure to display these in a dedicated section on your website.
  • 7. Ensuring Success – imagine how successful your travel agency can be thanks to a website then, boosting reach, leveraging revenue, with reviews and influences bringing in more trust converted to loyalty in the brand and bookings, thus more sales.

In Conclusion

We all recall the old almost superseded methods a travel agency had to use back in the days, with the creation, printing and distribution of pamphlets, brochures, mailing letters or magazines, paying heftily for billboard advertising, appointing employees to effect cold calls and the sort. In avantgarde countries all this has become historic and by switching to digital, thanks to technology, businesses have upped their game which placed them on a level playing field when competing in their specific market.

A simple basic tech tool like a website can indeed be a game-changer for any travel agency, uncovering new possibilities to take the trade to another level, attracting potential new clients while taking care of the existing ones via an excellent, dynamic and interactive customer-friendly portal displaying all the options, services and diverse means of easy communication.

Travel agencies can obtain so much more from a simple website if it is well and regularly maintained, like upgrade their status in the niche, stay competitive, and be in an optimal position to reach their goals while boosting their revenue.