7 Tips to Promote a Business on LinkedIn


Modern social media users are all about the Gram – Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter have taken over the web data across the globe but… and it’s quite a big but… they’ve forgotten all about the aspect of professionalism. And that’s where LinkedIn comes into play, soaring and ready to rock the digital world.

If we look back at LinkedIn’s history, we’ll be quick to learn that it’s been around longer than  either Facebook or Twitter but somehow it’s overshadowed by the edgier channels. Primarily because its use is not targeted to the influencers and social light hunters who dominate the social media sphere – LinkedIn is all about making professional connections and keeping in touch with the experts in your field.

If you think about it; there’s a lot of worth packed into this platform that all legal age groups can explore. From job searches to networking opportunities, courses to online portfolio access; LinkedIn is a gold mine in the professional sphere.

Best ways to use LinkedIn for Business

Making use of LinkedIn for all your professional needs is a clever way to join the workforce, expand your business potential and even make connections with influential runners in your niche market. Here are some of the best ways you can use LinkedIn to your benefit:

Set up a Company Profile

Creating a company profile for your business is a sure way of gaining the boost you may need to rank at the same level of your competitors. Differentiating from your personal profile and a company profile is vital – here’s how you can set up your business profile. You’ll even be able to post job openings to help recruitment.

Make use of LinkedIn Polls

Have you ever wondered what your target audience or colleagues are thinking? Well, LinkedIn can help you suss that out. LinkedIn Polls is a poll creating system that allows you to create, distribute and evaluate what people are saying… all you have to do is get them to answer.

Become an expert with LinkedIn Answers

Trust is built on expertise, knowledge and confidence. Showing the world out there that you are capable of answering the tough questions, or even showing interest in some of the more demanding topics sets your bar way higher than the rest. Use LinkedIn Answers to show off your intellect.

Get involved with Groups

Joining groups and communities is a great way to hit the bar on LinkedIn. Much like showing off your props with LinkedIn Answers, joining groups amplifies your exposure and sets you as one of the top contenders for potential jobs or recommendations. Creating a group will also boost your online reputation.

Update that status

Always play the part – leaving a status update will show that you are constantly engaged with LinkedIn and show devotion to your work and trade. Sharing third party blogs, videos or even campaigns will show that you are well versed in your area of expertise. This can also be a great opportunity to create a buzz around your brand. Share company milestones or events – always engaging content.

Ask for recommendations

Don’t be shy about asking for recommendations from your employers. It’s so beneficial to get a few words of praise from your employers or colleagues. The best time to ask them is when you’ve completed a project and have made the client proud of your efforts.

Don’t forget to advertise

Have you heard of LinkedIn DirectAds? It’s a great spot to set up your advertising potential and base your adverts on geography, job function, industry and a variety of other criteria you may be targeting. LinkedIn Ads can boost your impressions and gain you the upper hand in the market. Talk to an expert whenever you’re dealing with sponsored advertising, their knowledge will lead you towards the most profitable solutions.

Benefits of LinkedIn for Business

While there are many benefits associated with setting up a LinkedIn account for your company; some of the most primal reasons to get connected include:

  • Building social presence in general by building a professional network
  • Attracting employees with the true pillars of your company by means of a services or products online display
  • Exposure to the talents and skills within your company used to attract new clients.

LinkedIn Best Practices for your Company

Much like with every online presence approach there are a number of best practices users should consider when using a specific platform. The most important things to keep in mind when using LinkedIn are the following:

  1. Always be professional
  2. Use your logo as a stamp of approval
  3. Optimise your profile for Google’s sake
  4. Don’t be lazy with status updates
  5. Sponsor your content with LinkedIn Ads
  6. Show off your skills and competences – be a thought leader.

Whatever you do on LinkedIn, do it with this idea in mind: your profile will be a reference point for your professional growth. Your potential employer, employee, associate or investor will connect with their impression of your profile; personal and business. Show them what you’re made of!