Are Antivirus Programs Necessary?

This statement is false: If you are careful and surf the web diligently, there is no need for Antivirus protection! Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re untouchable. No matter how careful, you will still need some form of antivirus protection. If you run a business, the need becomes more acute.

How can I protect my business from viruses?

Being smart is the first step. Take necessary steps such as not downloading anything from untrusted or unknown websites. Running pirated antivirus software can do more harm than good. Allowing Java plug-ins enabled in your web browser exasperates the problem. Visited suspect websites and allowing pop-up windows to open up create a way in for malware. Although these necessary steps help, they are not nearly enough.

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

The first things that hackers will look to exploit are Zero-Day vulnerabilities. Fully patched software like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Adobe Flash browsers and plug-ins inevitably have unpatched security flaws that can easily be cracked and breached. Once these threats are dealt with, new ones appear to take their place, so the process needs to be continuous. Just visiting a website opens the door to such attacks. That website might itself be infected without the owners knowing, so even legitimate sites can’t be trusted.

The Last Line if Defence!

Your last line of defence is your trusted antivirus software protection. It can be relied upon to keep your computers and mobile devices free of threats. It will tackle and eliminate new ones and create a robust layer of protection. Any website that attempts to infiltrate and breach your security via plugins like Adobe Flash, will be negated before they can do any harm. There will have no chance to install malware, keyloggers, Trojans, or rootkits.

What is the Best Antivirus Software?

The best antivirus software, such as AVG Antivirus will not slow down your computers. There should be a minimum of notifications and inducements that force you to keep paying for a subscription, upgrade, and buy additional, more powerful security suites. If you have a business and need antivirus protection, choosing carefully is all the more critical. There are multiple options that you can choose from so you can start out on the first rung, increasing the features as you need them, at a later date. This kind of solution can be cost-effective, and you only pay for what you really need. Before deciding, you should perform a needs analysis to find out what you really need. Our consultants can provide this service without obligation, so feel free to get in touch.