Antivirus Protection: Your secret weapon against cyber attacks

Have you ever weighed up the opportunity cost of the price of antivirus and the cost of a cyber attack? Running a business is a massive challenge, and every decision can have an impact on the bottom line. If you fail to prepare, you have to be prepared to fail! So how can you prepare adequately for a cyber attack? Incredibly, despite over 60% of small business suffering cybercrime incidents, still, most companies do not take it seriously enough until it’s too late. Prevention is better than cure! There are so many easy points of entry into a business that the problem is getting worse by the day.

Lack of resources or funds are the primary concerns for businesses, particularly SMEs. Large organisations can afford to staff entire IT departments. New start-ups and micro businesses generally have other more pressing priorities ranging from cash flow shortages to winning new customers to improve the cash flow. In today’s data-driven society, information is power. One really needs to compare the cost of investing in adequate protection such as AVG antivirus software that is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses. This should be compared to the potential cost of a cyber attack. Such breaches are expected to reach a staggering US$6 trillion each year by 2021! The majority of these attacks will be targeting SMEs. Hackers know small businesses rarely take adequate antivirus protection due to lack of funds. This makes them the perfect target.

Ransomware is the primary threat. It holds sensitive, and confidential data hostage up until the business pays a ransom. This kind of attack on businesses is on the rise, and by 2019, there will be a ransom attack somewhere around the world every 14 seconds, in comparison to 40 seconds in 2016. The average ransom fee these hackers demand is around $4,200. What’s more, about half of these ransomware attacks spread and infect 20 other users! If you have twenty employees, the ransom could increase to US$60,000! The bad publicity of such a threat going public could ruin a company’s reputation and drive it into the ground. In 2017, an incredible 60% of small businesses suffered a cyber attack of some sort or other.

Effective antivirus protection for small businesses offers scaling options, which minimises the cost outlay. Most licenses last for between one to three years, with the best antivirus incorporating internet security, firewalls and remote management CO trial features. AVG antivirus software protection for small businesses is a yearly cost that is much less than you imagine. It can be accounted for in the annual budget planning process. Don’t be part of the 60% of SMEs that suffer a cyber attack. Use your secret weapon and predict the future.


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