Computer Security Basics. Keep Yourself Protected!


Following basic computer security procedures is more essential now than it ever was. This is even more crucial for businesses, as those computers might contain vital assets like client contact details, or company secrets. The first thing you must do is install an effective antivirus system to protect your computers and networks from malware, spyware and hackers. AVG is one of the premier brands for antivirus protection in the world. It provides internet security and much more.  However, there are additional necessary steps that are effective besides computer virus protection. They should be used in conjunction with an effective antivirus protection system. Although some of them may seem obvious, it is incredible how many people neglect them.

Why allow Automatic Updates?

Allowing the software to update automatically will preempt the need to perform manual updates which might not be as frequent as auto-updates. Furthermore, by enabling auto-updates, there is no chance you forget to update. One of the biggest mistakes is ‘not’ to update frequently. New viruses, malware and trojans are being created continually, and the updates allow the antivirus software to deal with newly created threats. AVG antivirus has this feature built-in to the software, so you will never forget to update your security software and protocols. Updating as frequently as possible is one of your most potent weapons against threats.

Create Effective and Complex Passwords

Passwords are your front line of defence, so build them well! It is shocking how much this essential security feature is misused. A quick online Google search will reveal a list of the most common passwords people use to protect their devices, and they are ridiculously easy to break, or guess. Using the same password for all your devices is another mortal sin! It allows hackers a way in to all your connected devices at once, from work computers to personal mobile phones, private and work-related email accounts.

You will need to use longer passwords containing a variety of characters, and different ones for each device, service and site. Furthermore, they need to be changed frequently to be genuinely effective. Using a password manager will help you keep track of all your different passwords and access codes. You should include passwords for all your computers, smartphone and tablet too, as that stops random people accessing and using your devices.

Limit who has access to your computers & never leave them unattended 

Never ever leave your mobile device or computers unattended when they are switched on. It may seem obvious, but this basic rule is often ignored. The best case scenario is your phone gets stolen! Worst case, the thief also gains access to all your personal info contained in your smartphone and any connected devices. If you step out of the office for a few minutes, lock your computer beforehand, even if it seems excessive. The same goes for your smartphone. Never leave it unattended and unlocked, even in the office. Better safe, than sorry and you never know who you can trust.

Understand Which Email Links Are Safe

Many emails contain links, and you have to understand which ones are safe to click on. If you have any suspicion, it’s much better not to click on a link, rather than risk a malicious threat getting into your systems. Many of these threats arise from friends who are infected, and their own accounts compromised. The link may look legitimate, but it could actually be fake, which is known as phishing. Always investigate the link first before clicking on it if you have any doubts about its authenticity.

Do Not Use Cheap Pirated Software

Most malware comes from accidentally downloading and installing malicious software. It is imperative only to run programs and software that are secure and trustworthy. Try to ensure you only download software from official websites. Watch out for disguised advertisement banners that encourage you to download links that take you elsewhere and trick you into downloading potentially malicious and pirated software. Penny pinching by using free or pirated software does more harm than good and leads to higher costs later. Besides, free antivirus software only contains limited features and protection, it will need to be updated, and ultimately paid for.


The best computer virus protection software will take all the above into consideration, with continual updates to ensure the latest threats are identified in time before they do any harm. Effective antivirus protection will protect your devices from threats and damage. AVG antivirus software is capable, and integrates easily with your existing operating system at a deep level, digging in to find where viruses and infections are hidden, and root them out before they can do any damage. All the antivirus protection in the world is useless unless you follow basic security rules to ensure you don’t let hackers, malware and spyware in through carelessness.

Following necessary security measures on your computers and devices should go a long way in protecting you from attacks, and along with AVG antivirus protection, you will have the most effective and comprehensive overall protection for all your computers, thereby keeping your valuable online assets safe and secure.