Data Storage and Backup Trends for 2019

The new year brings new horizons and fresh ideas. Data storage and backup are no different. There are constant improvements and advances in the field. 2018 has been significant in many ways as it has set the bedrock for the future. Trends that emerged during the year provide insights and clues regarding how data will be storage in the future.

Most businesses will increase investment in storage and effective backup systems. There have been too many high-profile breaches of data at the highest levels and supposedly most secure organisations including banks and the government. 2019 will also see small businesses starting to take backup and storage much more seriously. Most organisations will be buying storage hardware and improving their overall infrastructure plans. Another option is software-defined storage. The additional costs of data recovery, or worse still, the complete loss of valuable online company assets are starting to sink in.

Another area that will see even more improvements is data security. It has become a significant factor affecting business decisions. Many businesses have implemented additional and essential security features such as encryption software. Those companies which haven’t already invested in encryption, should do so next year or risk potentially heavy losses due to inadequate backup and storage systems.

The two most obvious choices are solid-state drives or software-defined storage solutions. 2018 has seen a surge in demand for SSDs (Solid State Drives) with many organisations increasing investment to safeguard their assets. SSDs are reaching more manageable devices, which is encouraging more companies to recognise their value. On the other hand, software-defined storage, or storage virtualisation, is also experiencing a boost in demand. Both are effective, and definitely better than risking losing precious data. You should look to safeguard and store your business data immediately, if you haven’t already. The risks are becoming too great, and the losses are potentially back-breaking. The best software will have defined storage and have general database management and backup capabilities.

Cloud storage is an accessible and cost-effective solution uniquely suited to small and medium-sized companies. Most systems incorporate enterprise technology together with a cloud component. Cloud storage systems have a number of significant advantages. They have a varied range of uses including backup, data recovery and archiving, which are what most businesses really need. The cost is moderate, and the flexibility of use is a chief benefit. Although many enterprises will continue to use solid-state drives as a backup solution, the trend is moving towards cloud-based backup and storage solutions.

It cannot be stressed enough that backing up is better, cheaper and less damaging than not investing in securing your data. Ransomware is becoming more advanced and commonplace, so leaving your data unprotected is a risk too high to take. It is too late lamenting about the event after it has happened and the damage has been inflicted.

Make 2019 the year you finally do what is necessary to ensure the survival of your business. Don’t play with fire as sooner or later you’ll get burnt. Speak to us, and we will create a tailor-made and cost-effective system that will protect your devices, back up when necessary and store all your data securely.