Digital Marketing for Energy Companies

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Work is one of the main life pillars, the fulcrum, and humankind always managed to keep grinding to attain a decent means of living, to set and keep the wheel turning as they say. Over the years technology brought with it diverse new employments and methods of working, while it assisted to speed up existing procedures.

Time is money, and in a fast-paced modern world if companies can obtain a better reach in the market via avantgarde tools, acquiring insights and consequently leveraging their revenue, well, they will go for it.

Simply put, this is what digital marketing could bring to the table, even to your table. Nowadays, any industry across the spectrum realised that it is paramount to be present on the internet, online, marking your presence in the cyberworld, starting with a simple website while making yourself heard through the various social platforms, so that your brand gets promoted and remains relevant.

Alternatively, sticking to the old methods of marketing is a risky route to stay on, as you won`t be challenging your direct competitors on the same level playing field since they will be advantaged being online.

The phenomenon of digital marketing can be applied across the board, and energy companies can`t be omitted, as they too need to embrace this new kind of marketing if they want to remain visible. Read on to see why in this day and age smart advertising is crucial and how can it aid even the energy business sector.

Reasons Why an Energy Company Should Switch to Digital Marketing

Forward-thinking industries are disrupting their niche by simply avoiding the old school marketing method, while taking full advantage of the contemporary tools embedded within digital advertising.

For these companies, gone are the days of mailing letters or distributing leaflets door to door, disbursing considerable amounts of money for tv/radio publicities, and billboards which need upkeep. These old methods require trades to fork out significant figures in personnel, printing, logistics, maintenance and meetings to name a few, which leave a dent in their financial books without a guarantee that they will obtain a return on their investment.

Digital marketing provides access to an array of features via which corporations can reach their audience in a swift, seamless, smoother, and cheaper technique, attaining a massive leverage to better connect with their targeted audience, building brand awareness, and ultimately drive growth and revenue.

Switching to online advertising will enable energy companies to:

  • Reach a Broader Crowd – Nowadays the majority of people have swift access to the cyber world via their various gadgets, surfing the web, read info and compare reviews prior to purchasing products or services, thus having a strong presence online is essential to attract and retain clients
  • Deliver Tailored Experiences – Energy companies can easily tap their audience demographics, behaviours, and interests via digital marketing, as the platform will allow them to segment and filter their database with the ultimate goal being to distribute more relevant and personalised content
  • Calculate and Boost Promotion Outlays – The data held within an online marketing structure will allow energy companies to monitor and evaluate their performances on any campaign, while permitting better allocation of resources and pushing for continuous advance in their sector

Digital Marketing Strategies

Experts in the field recommend that energy companies focus on these tactics:

Content Marketing

This can be in the form of blogs, videos, webinars, intended to educate about industry trends, new tech, and energy-saving tips, which will instil trust with their audience while placing the company as thought leaders.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Keeping in mind that potential customers are searching for energy-related areas like alternative, renewable and efficient power, it is a must for the energy company to be easily found on Google, thus by applying SEO in their content they will rank higher in search results.

Social Media

It goes without saying that by being present on the various social platforms the energy company will be able not only to showcase their services, but also promote sustainability and commitment, while monitoring and replying to customer feedback which will strengthen relationships with their audience.

Email Marketing

This method is overtaking the letters/leaflets, as it`s cheaper and allows energy companies to deliver personalised content directly to their clients` inboxes, even segmented in groups such as residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC Advertising)

This technique drives targeted traffic in a cost-effective manner to the energy company`s website by bidding on keywords such as “solar panels” or “energy-efficient appliances” which will be linked with ads found after a search. Relevant audience can be easily reached as PPC can be tailored to specific demographics, locations, and devices.

In Conclusion

Nowadays, we are (rightly so) continuously bombarded via adverts/programmes on tv and online to be more aware about our surroundings, separate garbage, saving our sea and trees, while trying to leave minimal carbon footprint possible, whereas the positive trend is all about renewable energy whether it is in the form of a power station or an electric car.

For an energy company which is really committed to these values, it is the ideal moment to catch and surf the wave via digital marketing, stating their mission statement clearly, shouting their objectives and ambitions, showing their testimonials, and remain relevant. It is the ideal stage to display their striking services in a way that attracts the attention not only of their existing clientele which it will help to retain, but also of potential new clients and why not fresh enrolments too.

Going online then yields so many benefits and gives you a precious leverage, like boosting your company`s reach, with the goal that in due course it will finally have a positive domino-effect on the revenue.

Switching to digital marketing has become a necessity not a luxury, and as we saw there exist various aspects, facets and approaches how an energy company can attain this modern technique to render itself more attractive and accessible to their clients while ultimately boosting income.