Digital Marketing Strategies and Best Practices for the Healthcare Industry


We all need a good healthcare system. Fact. Every human being will look up a healthcare provider in their locality or overseas, multiple times in their lifetime. Fact.

They will also spend a lot of time browsing through websites of competitors in the field, and whether you’re a public entity or a private company, you’ll need to ensure that all your digital marketing strategies are up to date and communicate with your target market as clearly as possible.

Healthcare shouldn’t be about competition, but every money making business is trying to one up their competitors in some way! Here are a few digital marketing strategies that you can adopt to provide your niche target market with the right information.

1. Give your healthcare website the focus it deserves: Local SEO & Structure

Your website is the first point of reference to any prospective patient, investor, potential employee or any other browser who found themselves looking for information on the healthcare sector.

Apart from appealing to the people who will visit your website, you will also need to appeal to the bots in Google’s search engine who methodically scan your website and its content to ensure that you are meeting the requirements and standards set by their latest analytics.

Google’s bots look for the structure, content, layout, legitimacy, accuracy, relevance and compatibility to name a few. Achieving your goals with Google’s standards will allow you to reach higher rankings, hopefully higher than your competitors. This will give you much more visibility and appeal to readers.

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doctor and patient

In making your website stand out from the rest, you’ll need to adopt the practices and approaches needed to regularise and improve your standing on the world wide web, and with 4Sight’s help, you are pretty much guaranteed to notice a great difference in your ratings.

The paths your patients will follow on your website all depend on where you lead them, ensure that they know where to click and get to the right pages on your website in a streamlined and simple to follow manner.

This is where great website development and design comes into play, and more importantly where 4Sight’s techies and creatives get to show off their intense skills. Get in contact today to improve the look, journey and responsiveness of your healthcare website.

Here are 3 more ways you can improve your healthcare website’s appeal to the niche market that you are targeting:

2. Make use of PPC Campaigns Clickable

While SEO will deliver the most organic traffic to your website, it’s a slow boat and one that needs constant care, attention and creativity. Using a mixture of both SEO techniques and PPC practices will allow you to create a content plan that is clickable, reachable and effective. But how do PPC Campaigns work?

A PPC Campaign is based upon one or more factors of your company’s mission and marketing strategy, this information is shared to a select target audience who will click on a link and be taken to a Landing Page or targeted page upon your website that will share additional information.

PPC Campaigns are also ideal as the are charged depending on the number of users accessing the Landing Page from that specific campaign link – hence the name Pay Per Click.

Get in contact with one of our PPC experts at 4Sight for a detailed campaign strategy for your next healthcare offer, event or service.

3. Make your Content Socially Engaging

Another factor that will greatly help your appearance as a healthcare provider is by delivering your messaging through social media platforms and ensuring that your communication is being shared effectively. And this is not only for the younger folk.

Social media has the power to alleviate boredom and give your healthcare visitors the mental break they need to escape the possible daunting procedure that they may be heading towards or waiting for news on.

How many times have you seen patients, visitors and other individuals scrolling through social media platforms while they wait in the hospital’s lobbies, cafeterias and even lifts? People are addicted to social media and need to attain as much information as they can during a very short span of time – they also very much enjoy free WiFi, which is generally a common commodity provided by healthcare institutions and clinics.

This is a great way to plug any offers, deals and links to your social media pages – giving them free WiFi in exchange for a follow, check-in or subscription to a newsletter.

4. Make sure Email Marketing is part of your Plan

Much like newsletters, email marketing campaigns are digital communication tools that allow you to deliver a certain message to your subscribed following. Whether it’s a news piece discussing changes to your healthcare facility, the employment of a new and highly reputable surgeon, practitioner or operator as well as elective packages, offers, deals and new services that your clientele might be interested in choosing for their healthcare regime.

Email marketing is a way to drive visitors to your website, and start the chain all over again. It’s a way to ensure that you are delivering a full service packed with substantial information that gives your readers the peace of mind and direction they are looking for.

Call 4Sight today for more information on how to bring effective digital marketing strategies to your healthcare business.