How to pump up your Digital Marketing Strategies in the Fitness Industry

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Fitness has become part of our everyday life. We run before work, discreetly get some stretches in at the office and head to the gym after work – but choosing which gym to go to sometimes requires a fair bit of research. Most gyms seem to offer the same features at fairly similar prices, so the best way to stick out from the crowd is to beef up your digital marketing strategies and pump your social media presence. 

Fitness Digital Marketing is as fundamental to the industry as it is in any other industry. Now whether you choose to use influencers in your digital campaigns or perhaps build up the hype with a meaty SEO strategy is your choice. 

We at 4Sight think it’s important to mix the two together and throw in some Google Ads into the reps too – you know just like you do with your fitness regime, legs one day, cardio the next and a few yoga stretches to even it all out. Here are our top tips on how to improve your Digital Marketing Strategy in the Fitness Industry:

What is Fitness Digital Marketing?

First things first we need to understand is the nature and purpose of a marketing plan and how it will benefit your business. Fitness marketing is all about communicating the right message at the right time – just like any other industry in fact. 

The unique factor about fitness marketing is that you can amp up your motivational and educational posts to ensure that your audience is getting the best value for their commitment to you. Give your following a legitimate reason to understand your company goals and draw them closer to your services by proving that you are a leader in the industry

Gym marketing is best fulfilled by actionable posts, reels or stories on social media platforms as well as motivational messaging on banners such as Google Ads. Getting a well known influencer who is big on their fitness gains to contribute their following’s attention for your brand’s growth is also a great way to boost your visibility online. Here are some other digital marketing aspect that you can look into with 4Sight’s help and expert guidance:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Paid ads
  • Influencer marketing
  • Events and campaigns

Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Fitness Centres & Gyms

Let’s take a look at the top digital marketing tools that 4Sight can guide you on and help you excel in:

Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Instagram & TikTok

Every social media platform is there for a reason and to appeal to a different bracket of your audience. If you are looking to retain the 40+ generation then Facebook is your go-to platform, the younger 20-30 year olds are mainly on Instagram while the younger generations of 16+ are hooked on TikTok. 

Create appealing content for all markets by using each platform in the most appropriate manner. Messaging iskey. 

Web Content: Local SEO Strategies & Google Ads

Your website is just as important as your social media presence. While the majority of users prefer to check out social media platforms for the community elements of the business they are researching, when they decide to convert a website is always handy. Use your website for a detailed price list, service breakdown and company ethos – this will help with your credibility. 

Google Ads are also a great way to remind your audience that you’re a big player in the game. Subconsciously your messaging will resonate in their minds when they are looking for or recommending a fitness centre. Imagery is so important. 

Content Marketing: Blogs, Vlogs & Emails

When it comes to the way we create content, we need to remember that our audiences have a very short attention span. That means that blog should be broken down into sections that are easily consumed by the reader or easily skimmed through for the gist of an article. The same can be said with emails – bullet points, short paragraphs and clear Calls to Action (CTAs) are your friends. 

Vlogs are a different story, but also need to be swift and concise. Shorter videos will do far better than longer ones and with the oversaturation of content on YouTube, you’re going to be competing with a huge market. Keep it simple, short and sweet. 

Sponsored Content: Influencer Marketing & Branding

It’s all about the brand isn’t it? Your image is what pushes you to achieve new heights and with tools such as rebranding or influencer marketing you will be upping your game to a whole new level each time you share a story or post a vlog. 

Choose the right influencer for you and make sure that your exchange is clear from the start – explain what you want to achieve and how you wish to achieve it. Also present your clear brand guidelines before you start sharing content. 

At the end of the day, your fitness centre, personal training program or gym will gain all its following based on your reputation as well as the services you provide in comparison to the price. Understanding the most effective tools of fitness marketing will transform your centre into a powerhouse where communities meet and achieve their goals together. 

For ultimate success in the fitness industry, make these 3 ideologies your mission:

  1. Understand your target audience and know what they are looking for. Do this by speaking to your gym members and interacting with your community online. 

    4Sight Top Tip: host a Q&A, Interactive Polls or This or That Questionnaire on your Instagram Stories. 
  1. Use the right messaging at the right time. Do this by following the times and always be in tune to what is happening on an international level. 

    4Sight Top Tip: post blogs that pique interest such as 10 Cheat Meals for International Food Days, 5 Minute Workouts to do at the Office, The Battle of Cardio and Strength and so many other blog options. 
  1. Make use of offers to entice new members to join your gym or fitness centre. Do this by researching the market and making sure you are on top. 

    4Sight Top Tip: give discounts to long-term members, create a loyalty scheme or introduce add-ons in the form of classes or private training sessions as a bonus scheme. 

At 4Sight we are booming with great ideas and we want to share those concepts and ideologies with you. Book a meeting today to make the most out of your fitness digital marketing journey and we will do the rest. 

We’re always ready for the grind at 4Sight!

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