Event Branding Tips: How to Brand an Unforgettable Event


Branding. The multi-sensory marketing staple that just gets creative minds flowing with colourful ideas, catchy slogans, ambitious campaigns and aesthetic perfection. Put all that into a tangible, cohesive and unforgettable marketing ploy; and you’ve got a highly branded event that will be on everyone’s lips for days, months, decades! 

Branding an event is as vital to a company’s image as possible. With in-person meet-ups dying out and being replaced by video-based communication, that rare occasion where connections are made face-to-face need to be special. Whether it’s a conference, a workshop, a tradeshow or a networking gathering, the way you brand such an event will leave an impression on your attendees. 

What is event branding and how do I use it?

First things first, let’s identify what branding is in general…

Branding is defined as the recognisable and relatable meaning of your product. It is an outward expression of what your product or service provides to the public; ideally presented in a current, clever and aesthetically pleasing way. Your branding is your definition. Your contribution to a market and your position within that market. 

It’s all about colour, logo, messaging and mission, it’s the way you can communicate your business strategy with just one glance, a quick read or a simple nod of approval from an interested passer-by. It’s your company’s lifeline. 

Event branding is exactly that but on a personal level. It takes the inanimate structure of a logo for example and transforms it into an experience. The way you brand an event is all to do with the way you want your clientele, current or prospective to view your company. It’s the vibe, the energy and the muse that fuels you and your body of staff to do what you do best. 

Inviting people into your world through a cleverly branded event is a great way of achieving an increased ROI, promising your guests that their involvement in the brand fits like a glove and that their presence makes the brand better and stronger. It’s all about painting a pretty picture and bringing your messaging to life. 

Why does event branding matter to my company?

Event branding only matters to your company if you intend on becoming market leaders, industry pioneers, a household name or maybe even an unavoidable purchase. Every interaction that your audience has with your brand is a potential transaction. The aim of every business is to be profitable, so finding ways to entice sales and conversions should always be at the top of your list, ergo event branding matters for your company.

Branding is basically storytelling and what better way to experience a story than to see it, feel it and be part of it? An event brings hype, it brings intrigue and it allows people to get an immersive experience of a brand that is looking to connect with its guests. It also brings immortalised memories into the scene with social media coverage that will allow you to further brand your company and promote future events and activities. 

Event branding allows your company to:

  • Gain recognition and become a reputable source in the industry,
  • Increase your business value with a visual impact and memorable experience, 
  • Attract new customers within your niche as well as outside your general target market,
  • Give your body of staff that feel good factor with a social event they can enjoy as well as
  • Inspire intrigue and curiosity around your brand with lasting memories and spiked interest. 

Event Branding 101: the basics of an Impressionable Branded Event

Learning how to best market and brand your event might take time, but with the expert advice of the branding geniuses at 4Sight, you’ll be able to make a lasting impression no matter the industry. 

We’ve worked in a myriad of industries, from the iGaming world to the Automotive sector, Furniture and Fashion to the extraordinary delights of the Culinary Arts, our repertoire spans far and wide, encouraging a well thought out approach, strategy and creative flair that will without a doubt leave its mark on the industry and your event goers too. 

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve, here are some of the aspects that go into a perfectly planned event; all of which we can guide you on and put into full effect:

The Aesthetics: Logos, Themes, Taglines

The visuals of a branded event are so important. They instantly need to connect with your guests and encourage a collective and inviting environment. 

Logo: your logo should stand out as a genuine staple connected with yoru brand. People should be able to guess it on any of those mobile “Guess the Brand” trivia games with ease and know exactly what you stand for. Incorporate your logo into the branded event; it creates recognisability. 

Themes: while your brand might stand on many legs when it comes to ethics, principles, markets and goals, your branded event should have one clear vision that translates across all aspects of the conference, workshop, networking scene or otherwise. Give your guests a motive to join, and play on your brand identity to create a well mapped out theme. 

Taglines: words convert. Fact. The ways in which a tagline can influence people is uncanny. A few clever words from a strategically inclined copywriter will give your brand the increased potential in the industry. Keep it short, don’t be too clever and remember to consult the experts, just because you speak English, it doesn’t make you a word wizard. 

The Online Presence: Website, Influencers, Social Media, Paid Ads, Apps, Emails

If it’s not online it didn’t happen. The sad (yet highly beneficial) truth of the 21st century. Using social media to your advantage will give your online presence the boost it needs to attract guests to your event. 

Event website/landing page: this is where your audience will look first for important information about your event. All of your brand elements will come together on your event website. It should be a resource that makes it easy for customers to buy tickets and access important information.

Influencer Marketing: it’s number one on this list because it’s the most beneficial way to gain following, interest and instigate hype – hey you could even go viral with the right brand ambassador. The way influencers work is golden to your branded event and will give you all the confidence you need to attract new markets. 

Mobile Apps: take your communication to the next level with mobile marketing apps that will generate intrigue and condense all requirements into one nifty app. With the click of a button you will instantly gain access to a pool of interested individuals who, through your event app, can potentially buy their tickets, use the app as verification for entry and maybe even store data on to connect with your brand beyond the event. 

Social Media: use your social media channels to highlight your event, get your brand out there and get people excited about it. You can change background images, header images, and profile photo to reflect your upcoming event.

Paid Ads: you can promote your business’s events through Google Ads and social advertising. It is important to consider this as a separate strategy from your ongoing campaigns.

Email Marketing: for those who will not convert using influencer marketing and maybe find mobile apps as too avant-garde, there’s always email marketing. The younger generations might find this aspect of marketing to be slightly mundane, but the older generations (who are more likely to convert, spread the word and get into business with your brand) will be more easily convinced with a quick read of an email.

During your branded event be sure to show your guests what your company stands for, who it represents and who it is represented by. Throw in some merch, keep the entertainment flowing and make sure your logo is as prevalent as the joy and enthusiasm your staff fire into the branded event. 

If you need to boost the planning, designs, strategy or creative input of your next branded event, get in touch with 4Sight for expert advice and hands-on experience.