Google: Direct Answer and Zero Results for Time, Maths and Conversions


After some tests over the last few months, Google has officially launched a new feature in mobile search. No list of the best search for time-related questions, mathematical calculations or unit conversions, but only a direct and precise answer.

Google’s goal is to provide users with the most relevant answer to their research, that’s why it returns a series of links based on their relevance. So how come Google has decided to hide search results?

Direct response for local time, calculations and conversions

In addition to providing users with the most relevant answer, Google’s goal is to do it as quickly as possible.

Until now, the only way was to show the user a list of websites with the best information and with a lower upload time. For some queries, however, Google is sure to be able to provide the precise the correct answer, with times close to zero, and without having to direct the user to other websites.

Let’s try to ask Google what time it is in Malta:

Google directly returns the precise answer by hiding the search results, but the “Show all results” button remains available for those who want to see more results.

This feature is also valid in the case of unit conversions or mathematical calculations.

Is Direct answer available only on Mobile and only for time, maths and conversions?

At the moment, Direct Answer has only been launched on mobile devices, both from the web and from Android and iOS apps. Desktop search results still show a complete list of links.

Although Google’s long-term goal is to provide accurate answers in the shortest possible time, it is currently only able to do so with some queries such as local time, mathematical calculations and units of measurement, as for the rest it will continue to show the search results.

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