How to Generate Qualified Leads on Facebook: 5 Pro Tips


Quality over quantity. Probably the golden rule in life that encourages success and achievement. It’s absolutely no different for Facebook leads, or business leads of any kind, really. 

Finding ways to improve the quality of your Facebook leads can be a little bit daunting, but with this blog you will find out the best ways to generate leads that actually convert and translate into paying customer relationships. 

First off: what is a Qualified Lead on Facebook?

A Facebook Lead Ad is an instant form that allows marketing managers and strategists to generate huge lead volumes. This form is a template that can either be filled in automatically (via Google’s pre-fill credential auto-save function) and allows databases to be filled in instantly with profile details. 

A Qualified Lead on Facebook differs because attention is given to the very robotic and automatic system of inputting information. When things are done so rapidly, without human attention, quality decreases drastically. A qualified lead implies thought and focus on the completion of the form, allowing for more quality information to be inputted in return. 

These 5 pro tips come from the experienced Digital marketing experts at 4Sight, a team of professionals who are always looking for the best ways to increase their clients’ revenue with simple yet effective digital marketing strategies. Read on to learn more:

1. Ask Qualifying Questions: make the answers matter

When we are looking for data that will control, influence or justify a marketing strategy to be implemented in the acquisition of sales, we need to ask the right questions. There’s no reason to ask about someone’s gender if you are pushing our adverts for a unisex product or service, likewise there are hundreds of reasons to ask about age groups if you are promoting a product or service that is specific to students perhaps. 

You might think on the lines of the more information, the merrier, but that’s more of a quantitative analysis than a qualitative approach. Optimising your lead acquisition with tailored questions that will help boost your genuine lead interest will prove to be worth it in the long run. 

Be selective and strategic with your form questions: make the answers matter. 

2. Target Lookalike Audiences: give them what they want

If you have a pool of active, easily converted leads, your audience is quite clear, so why not target the same niche with your Facebook Leads? How can you do this?

It’s simple. All you’ve got to do is find the audiences that you can leverage results from; optimise your information pool by selecting lookalike audiences and promote your content with them. This will drastically reduce your cost per quality lead and help you to generate the best leads for the best data, and hopefully the highest conversion rates. You can also automatically exclude previous leads to give you more bang for your buck!

Always remember that your target audience is niche and it requires focus and attention: give them what they want!

3. Optimise your campaigns: validate your leads

Optimising your campaign is simple. If you have the right strategy, the appropriate target market research and the optimum messaging to deliver your campaign successfully. So, starting with the basics, if you don’t think these above pointers are working in your favour, perhaps a quick conversation with the pros at 4Sight will help you direct your attention to the most valuable assets of your company research. 

If you do have these items in order, all you’ve got to do now is optimise your campaign with some good old A/B Testing, directed towards your specific market. This qualitative approach will allow you to gain quantitative results too, which will then be filtered into useful and not so useful information: i.e. conversions and impressions. 

The lead conversion rate that you will achieve with Facebook can be huge, there are billions of users on the platform, your audience is there, take action and perform: validate your leads.

4. Make your copy stand out: generate value and excitement

Content is king, copy is the converting factor in a good campaign so investing in an efficient and effective copywriter for your brand will allow you to achieve better results. Your ad copy on Facebook needs to stand out amongst the swarms of information available on the platform.

Using direct messaging and clear instructions in your short copy and CTAs will allow you users to peak their interest faster and more willingly. If your Facebook Leads are not converting, you might want to take a look at the way you are communicating with your users. Are you providing options? Is your copy clear?

The way your copy interacts with your audience could have a make or break effect: generate value and excitement! 

5. Clarify your customer lifecycle: create a sense of belonging

Figuring out when to communicate with your audience is so important. The value of a CRM team is seen when communication is precise, accurate and not overwhelming. A CRM team that does not plan out a thorough lifecycle will fail in their efforts to hook new clients in. 

If you’re looking for increased conversion on Facebook through qualified leads, then you need to make sure you are communicating with the right people about the right thing at the precise time. Overall your messaging needs to be as accurate as possible and conveyed in a pretty package that is as appealing as possible. 

A customer’s lifecycle is represented in stages for a reason, those who are not ready to convert right away will need a different messaging approach but most importantly they have to feel as though it’s a right fit: create a sense of belonging. 

If you work on the paths that can generate qualified leads for your Facebook ad campaigns, you’ll be able to track all your online and offline sales with a lot more ROI. Your targeted leads will result in a better profit margin, focusing on quality and not quantity. 

Are you still looking for help in optimising your Facebook Leads for a more Qualified approach? Get in touch with 4Sight today to learn more on how you can improve your business with our pro techniques.