How to Market Your Massage Therapy Business


For all the wannabe massage therapists who are still exploring the sector, or for those studying to become one, heck even for the already established, this piece is for you. Read on as we`ll show you how to better market your trade and get people to slot you in their agenda.

It is essential to seek inner peacefulness and tranquillity while taking care of our bodies, but most importantly in this article we will deal on how to promote it!

Know the Reasons Why People Should Seek Massages More Often

In this frenetic world we live in, where time is money, the word stress has become trendy. People from all spheres of life will tell you how much anxiety there is at school, during studies or with exams approaching, while adults mention tension and migraines at the office, also sometimes resulting from bad postures. You can imagine then construction workers or delivery men, lifting heavy objects on a daily basis.

Everyone needs to stop and rest at some point, and apart from the usual snack breaks, people tend to try and unwind mostly in the evenings after a long hard day at school or at work, taking a shower, a bath and ending up dozing on the couch. Weekends then are seen as the holy grail where one can really unplug from the weekly routine.

But are we really getting relaxed?

There are people who have kids, while there are others who continue to work through the weekend on a roster.

One of the natural solutions is a nice deep massage, which should be part of your regular schedule. Dedicating time for yourself, and recharging the batteries for the new week ahead.

Create a Great Massage Therapy Website

First off the bat, in this age we need to make sure that we are making full use of technology to our benefit. In this digital world where people are searching and choosing services by tapping on their smartphone, you as a massage therapist, as a trade, need to be present, and what`s better than a great massage therapy website to start with.

Now, you can either create your own website, with online available tools and apps like the most renowned Wix or Squarespace, to name two, or seek professional assistance.

Nowadays, apps are structured in a way that they guide you to build a very good website in no time. Obviously these come at a cost or a monthly/yearly subscription, but in most cases it will still be the cheaper option.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time, you’re too busy, or estranged from the tech world, then the remaining option would be to approach our development experts.

It`s paramount that the website is aesthetically pleasing, providing great information on your business to your potential clients which they can access, check and compare, before they actually book their appointment.

Host your Blog

It is highly suggested to include a blog on your website. Admittedly this can create some more work on the side-lines, but even if you don’t access it on a daily basis, keeping some kind of communication with your clients or site visitors will be much appreciated.

Clients will see that you are a genuine person running a trustworthy business, they will be more appreciative and increase their interest for a healthier life, as you will be discussing with them all the benefits.

Thus, bookings will start coming in, and customers will spread the word, which is a powerful way to promote your business, not to be underestimated.

Social Media Strategy

You don`t need to be a tech savvy to know how much potential social media holds. However, one needs to know how to position his trade to be admired, shared, commented on and ideally recommended online.

The massage business needs to have a good page, with photos showing all services being offered, packages, offers and the works. The usual most popular social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram will work wonders if followed and curated regularly. In no time you can have your massage business like publicised for free, as people`s word of mouth is strong, and in this case also the share button.

What about video? YouTube is an authoritative widespread social platform, which serves also as a search engine. You can take short videos of the various massages on offer, and list them on your YouTube page, leaving them to accumulate views, likes, comments and shares. Another very good free advertising!

Social media will offer you an opportunity to showcase your personality, your originality, any events happening, but most importantly to connect with clients, keep those connections and create new prospective clientele.

Be creative, and don`t forget to list all your social media handles on your website and/or business cards.

Again, if you don`t dab much in social media, you will need assistance from the gurus to set it up, and be followed. This could entail hiring a content writer/designer or a social media manager, depending on your budget.

Niche Down

According to your capabilities and know-how in massaging, you can also target specific groups of clients, thus a niche.

Filter which sector you are after, like say pregnant ladies or sport athletes. If you are after a targeted niche, be active in their zone, get involved in related events and organisations, and make them know about your massage business.

However, this doesn`t mean that you won`t offer your massaging techniques to others, after all everyone can benefit from relaxing therapy experiences.

Winding Up

Massages should be integral routines in our lives, so it all depends from your capability to sell and promote your business to people utilising what we listed above properly, while your charisma, honesty and hard work play a vital role.

These are all excellent ingredients for a success story. We trust that this info will help you upscale your business, if so you`ll reciprocate by offering us a discount on our next massage.