IT Disposal: How to Dispose of Old Computers and Hardware the Sustainable Way

Bittersweet and sometimes inappropriately timed, getting your hands on a new device often means getting rid of the old trusty laptop or computer that serves you for quite some time. IT disposal is a necessary passage that all our personal computers have to go through; but disposing of old computers and hardware is not as simple as a trip to the slips, some more planning may be required.

With 4Sight’s 3-Step Process, you’ll learn how to secure all your data and even salvage some odd parts of your old and trusty device. Here are your tips on how to dispose of old computers and hardware:

Backup your data; you might need it

This one might sound obvious, and quite honestly, we do hope that it is an obvious step whenever you are choosing to upgrade a device.

If you are still using hardware to store your data, a frequent backup could be your salvation in an IT disposal process, you may be able to skip this step entirely if you are using a cloud storage solution such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or any other cloud-based service.

You may still want to back up your entire old hard drive onto an external hard drive before you give your computer the sack. You never know there might be that one file that you’ll desperately need for a future job that somehow found its way to a hidden folder in the pits of your documents folder. Better safe than sorry!

Get rid of all data; really everything needs to go

Yes, very true that the likelihood of someone actually making use of your old computer is pretty slim, in fact most ‘parts’ that you think would be slightly useable have probably been updated, revamped and given a whole new breath of fresh air since you bought your device. But… data is still data and can be extracted by those geeky tech nerds (like us here at 4Sight), so you’re better off clearing all your data before you proceed with your IT disposal.

Here are all the aspects you may want to look into clearing:

  • Make sure to delete all your files by removing file structure
  • Unlink and uninstall all your programs making sure all email accounts and passwords are removed
  • Clear your browser’s searches for added security
  • Remember to wipe your device and restore to factory settings

And if any of this sounds too complicated, one of the 4Sight experts would be happy to guide you or get the job done in a few clicks. Just get in touch, we’re really good at this stuff!

Don’t give up on everything; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure

We did start off this informative blog by claiming that the modern updates in technology probably made your device as redundant as the fax machine, but there are a few computer gurus out there, (again, the 4Sight crew; guilty as charged) who might find a few parts of your device useful.

Why not add your device to an online selling platform, give the public a chance to get their hands on your raggedy old computer, and maybe get a few extra bucks out of it yourself?

At the end of the day, the goal is to keep your old computer out of the landfill and hopefully give it new life in the hands of someone more capable of sustainable recyclable computer habits. IT disposal plays a detrimental impact on the environment and it’s our responsibility to lessen that as much as possible.

Another choice that might even give you that good vibe feeling once completed, is donating your device to a refugee centre, orphanage or even a summer school for children with learning disabilities. Most of these establishments are run by NGOs with limited budgets for technology and other educational material that could aid in the development or immersion of a group in society.

Taking into account that the device will need some maintenance before it’s given a new role in life, finding a service team to save your old device from IT disposal could make someone’s day and journey through life a whole lot easier.

Contact 4Sight if you’re thinking of restoring an old device, either for donation purposes or just to get a few more years out of your college device.