Ways Non-Profit Organisations Can Leverage Digital Marketing

no profit organization

If you are not online nowadays you are losing out, fact. Not only us as individuals, cause everything ended in the cyber world like shopping, celebrities, even work, but also and especially companies and their trade.

Even non-profit organisations are no exception. We are all conscious what their ultimate target is, to create awareness, gather support and generate donations, although testimonials and statements differ.

Therefore, it`s imperative that even these groups not only hold digital accessibility, but are capable to connect and make their voices heard with a commanding, convincing and alluring presence.

Ideally, these type of organisations kick start their venture by creating a strategy like a blueprint, and a big chunk of this plan surely revolves around being regularly present on the internet, possibly in all its forms, from a simple website to being active on social platforms.

Let`s take a look at some typical steps these kind of associations go through to attain their goals via the digital realm.

Breaking Barriers

It stands to reason that with the dawn of avant-garde technology many of those old barriers, namely physical, geographical and logistical, are now superseded.

Organisations, even non-profit ones can take advantage of contemporary digital tools to connect with their colleagues, followers and donors worldwide.

A drastic transformation from the old methods or procedures, say when one had to wait for the other to receive the mail, if not lost in transit that is. That sounds so unproductive and restricted now, does it? Even slow and inadequate one might add.

Traditional marketing without digital utilisation is first and foremost geographically restricted, more costly and laborious to launch a global campaign. 

Thus, digital accessibility and usage is key to not only avoid restrictions but breaking barriers, making it simpler while attaining a major reach.

Recruiting Volunteers & Raising Funds

Two key elements for any non-profit organisation.

Volunteers are the ones that keep up the drive, the ideal individuals to have around, dedicated without expecting anything in return.

Accessing the various digital platforms and running adverts, launching events or banners on social media, while sharing your story or cause, will surely connect you easily with like-minded entities who would be eager to participate either by donating or as a volunteer.

Therefore, having digital accessibility accompanied by an enticing web presence and design will leverage not only support, but eventually and hopefully donations which will be distributed according to the organisation`s objective while boosting funds too, which remain paramount to keep the organisation afloat and functioning well.

Calculate your Budget

It isn`t a secret that most of these type of organisations are required to do more with less. This represents a challenge which without any support or donations would be unsurmountable for any association to bear.

Digital marketing comes to the rescue here, as it will permit to reduce overheads thus costs, permitting the hard-earned cash to go unscathed. In fact, some non-profit digital marketing outlets hold an incredible ROI (Return On Investment).  

These fab figures generated don`t go unnoticed by similar groups, and it`s no wonder that others follow suit, tapping in the digital marketing world.

New ventures need to calculate their budget, which is another important and elementary piece of the pie in the blueprint chart.

Digital accessibility and marketing, when compared to the traditional methods, will surely boost the chances for support and eventually donations. Therefore, start investing time and money cautiously at first, but be bold, utilise all the digital tools possible to influence and increase your probability of success in your section, which as we will see below come in varied forms yielding different results, but with a parallel end target.

Enhance Web Traffic

The web page design, format and structure needs to instil curiosity, while your mission statement must be convincing, honest and clear to ideally attract both supporters and donations. It can also be in form of a short video, as visuals have a greater impact on visitors.

Content must be dynamic utilising Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies to divert traffic. Make it easy for anyone to get in touch with you or the organisation, with email links or even a chat-bot.

Create an informative website which ideally inspires other organisations to recommend you to others or link them back to you, which in turn will trigger Google to rank your website higher up in their searches. We also suggest Google Ads which could assist in publicity.

If you think that this strategy and all the analytics that come with it will take much of your time from the organisation, you can always outsource tasks, but be mindful of costs. Two popular tools which we recommend here are Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

The Marvel of Social Media

Behold social media, which remains the obvious choice for many organisations even non-profit ones, as the vast majority of people worldwide is visiting these on a daily basis, so imagine the reach.

The renowned Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube represent the obvious choices where an organisation can hold a landing page, a profile, launch banners and events, or short videos, promoting their work and cause, while LinkedIn is the more professional let`s connect and talk business type.

In Conclusion

It all bores down to one thing, digital accessibility and proper utilisation is a must across the board, even for non-profit organisations. Working the old way is slow and costly, while nowadays it`s simply not enough to make phone calls, post mails or market your events compared to what the cyber world can leverage and bring to the table.

Before jumping on the digital wagon though, keep in mind that nothing comes for free, and you still need dedicated capable people to cater, process, monitor and analyse data.

Balance your options, take calculated risks and evaluate. Still, digital marketing and web design if used properly are the modern tools with which you can grow your organisation, be it non-profit or not, accessibility is there for all.