The Truth about Old Technology and how it’s Holding your Business Back

old keyboard

With the non-stop rush of tasks on our to-do lists, the impending deadlines and the pressures to align quality with quantity, the last thing we need in our professional lives is something to hold us back or slow us down. 

Our technological devices could easily become the culprits and the causes of our lethargy and frustration in the office, and no matter how retro that MacBook might be, there’s an upgrade for a reason and it’s called optimisation. 

Optimising your work flow and organising your work systems to give you the best productivity outcome is the best way you can provide the most effective and efficient results for your company, your team or your personal projects. 

Apart from the time wasting element of old technology, there’s the running costs, compatibility issues, lack of flexibility, security risks and so many other factors to think about. In this blog, we will explain the reasons why that trip to the computer store is worth your time and your money. Read on to learn the truth about old technology and how it’s holding your business back:

That old printer is running up your light bill

You know that lovely time of the quarter when you receive that email saying your amenities bill is waiting to be paid? Followed by the shock and scandal of you running around the house looking for the culprit that’s running up your light bill? Well it might be that Tumble Dryer, that you claim you never use but actually do (a lot) at home, but at the office it’s surely the old technology you’ve been hanging on to when your bills are a little higher than you’d hoped. 

Think about it this way. When you first bought that brand new laptop, you took it everywhere, not because you were super happy with it, but because you could… meaning the battery life on the device allowed you to take on a whole day’s work wherever it may be, not wired up to the electrics at the office as you do now. 

When battery life dies, electricity bills soar; the older your battery, the lower its capacity and the more costly it is to run. Same goes for your A/C unit, your office fridge and that trusty printer. It might be time for a running cost saving upgrade. 

No, you can’t open that file on Windows 97

One of the major issues with old technology is that at some point new iOS or Windows updates are no longer compatible with your device. If you’re sporting an iPhone 5, the likelihood that you’ll be able to download the latest version of HR management software for your employee management needs is quite slim; your operating system simply will not be able to understand the language the modern app is using.

When we’re having compatibility issues with our technology, there’s only one solution: upgrade. This is not a question of elongating the lifespan of a device, taking care of it so it lasts longer or getting the bang out of your buck, it’s about having the means and the communication necessary to adapt to the changes in software, applications and even some cloud-based apps. 

Making the change provides an initial cost, but it also foresees a world of potential, better communication across departments, client broadening and other key benefits. It’s time to look at the future and kick Windows 97 to the curb. 

Is your communication as effective as a telegram?

If you’re working pre-cloud style, digging up old data from a hard-drive and communicating with the back-dated approach of ‘waiting for it to load’ mentality, then point blank you’re losing customers. 

Hey, listen up… we’ve got a secret to share with you: your clients want things to be as easy as possible. They’re looking for the fastest, most cost-effective and practically wait-free solution they can think of. If they need to download an attachment, wait for it to load, save it and return it back to you via email to get a deal sorted, that’s already taken too long. 

Cloud systems make your communication and operations so much easier – the only question is can your device keep up with the cloud? Make sure you’re using a modern technology friendly device to run all your cloud-based content. You won’t regret it. 

Peekaboo, I see you… and all your company data too!

Cyber attacks are on the rise. With increased interest in data acquisition and access to company information, cyber criminals are given free reign when your security technology is not up to date or on the ball. 

But what has this got to do with your company hardware? The older your technology the less likely it is that you’ll be able to protect it from fraudulent behaviour including hacks and malware. Modern hardware manufacturers as well as software developers use new devices as their model in creating security features for worldwide companies to use. The majority of the workforce updates their technology frequently to meet or beat the competition, so it’s only natural that updates are created for these users.

If you want to keep your company data protected, be sure to update your devices and ensure that compatibility is in your company’s future. Don’t let cyber bullies get the best of you. 

The best way to stay up to date with all the technological advancements available on the market is to consult leading experts in the field. Our team of professionals at 4Sight will guide you on what upgrades you need immediately and what can wait for the next revamp! We live and breathe technology so our genuine advice will save you from those high electrical bills, potential risks of cyber attack and even optimise your daily running and client interactions. 

So if you’re looking for effective ways to beat the slump that old system is causing, consult experts in the field for the most efficient digital transformation solutions. Get in touch with 4Sight for your systems review!