Pet Industry Marketing Tips: Get Ahead in the Pet Industry


Marketing always played a crucial part within any structured business, assisting in promoting products or services, while leveraging sales, resulting in much needed revenue.

Technology brought with it novel changes and tendencies, also affecting the way industries work. In a digitalised domain, trades need to make their presence felt especially in the cyber world, if not they are missing out on valuable opportunities, while also potentially losing ground against their direct competitors without leaving the desired impact.  

Maybe you didn`t know, but the pet commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries globally, and in the current year is expected to reach new heights. Pet industry marketing too had to adapt and follow the trend, going online to enhance reach in their niche, while keeping their brand competing on a level playing field like others in the sector.

The requirements of both owners and pets are changing, therefore the power of pet marketing lies in comprehending this while providing innovative solutions. Only by keeping up to scratch with the latest novelties and trends, pet industries can create effective marketing strategies, thrive, and stay atop, optimistically reaching new levels of success in this segment.

Taking your Venture Online

1. The Pet Business Website

Now, if you are managing a pet industry, and want to switch digital or go online as they say in jargon, the first thing that will go through your head is a website, and well, you are right.

As simple as it may sound, a dynamic, attractive, structured website will let you portray your products and/or services, while featuring enticing photos plus a short intro video explaining what are you offering and why your good stuff is better than the competition. To emphasise the latter, listing a couple of testimonials from your existing clients will do wonders.

Make it easy for clients to contact you, not only by including the obvious like your email, mobile number or WhatsApp on the website, but also by investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), like a Chatbot which could tackle the clients` most common and basic initial questions or FAQs, then divert to you or your employees if necessary. Existing clients will appreciate this and will remain engaged, while the striking accessibility will tempt others to try, which will hopefully result in onboarding new clients.

Do not underestimate gossip or word spread, on the contrary that type of `free publicity` is powerful. So, make sure you always provide a positive experience for your clients, as chatter works both ways, and we want to avoid disappointed customers` laments ending up on social media!

Ensure that your precious website is being managed by professionals in the field, like an SEO specialist, who will work to enhance its visibility on Google for all the crucial searches for your business.

2. Social Media

Apart from the website, we recommend that you start utilising social media too. It is a known fact that nowadays people are surfing and mingling on various social podia with a couple of simple clicks from the palm of their hands via their smartphones/tablets.

Which social media we suggest? That depends on how much time or dedicated employees you hold to cope. It is better to publicise your brand strongly on a couple of media platforms, constantly checking and updating with latest products or offers, rather than having a weak presence on several platforms which are seldom revised.

The obvious choices spring to mind: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, X (previously known as Twitter, thanks Elon Musk), but we suggest you create a profile in LinkedIn too which is more business oriented.

3. Influencers

Depending on your turnover, you could also invest in a couple of animal-loving influencers, who against some rewards and with their reach will drive your brand amongst their followers in their niche.

4. Google & Meta Ads

Last but not least, as regarding online activity, you could also tap into Google and Facebook Ads (including Instagram ads), which provide powerful platforms where you can showcase your products, services, offers and promotions, while the Ads will enable you to reach your target audience, attracting engagement and boost visibility. 

Within this type of advertising, we also find Pay-Per-Click (PPC) which is especially renowned in Google Ads. PPC provides an effective marketing approach for pet outlets and trades, by leveraging targeted keywords when users search on Google or displaying eye-catching visual ads to attract potential new customers to your website.

Thanks to Google`s extensive reach and strong targeting options, PPC will enable you to promote products and services to wider audiences.

Turning to Agencies

This may be tricky at first, but if you can afford an agency, it could spare you some much needed time.

Do your homework diligently, assess their expertise from proven track records in pet marketing, review their portfolio, case studies and clients` testimonials. Consider their proficiency on social media, content creation or collaborations with influencers.

It is imperative that you define your budget and goals from the start, your specific marketing objectives and what you hope to achieve with their assistance, like launching a new product, driving sales and brand awareness.

The agency connections within the pet industry will be key for success, while regular communication with you is crucial, therefore slot in your calendar and schedule meetings or calls to monitor the situation often.

Nurturing trust and good chemistry between the two parties will result in the agency acting as an excellent leverage for revenue, and will support brand and business to ultimately prosper.

In Conclusion

Trust that these marketing tips were valuable and served as an insight into the evolving scenery of the pet industry.

Current trends, like marketing on social platforms, need to be embraced and used correctly to benefit from the numerous advantages the digital world offers.

This way any pet commerce can have a peace of mind that they are on the right path to drive growth and success, while regularly engaging with their audience which, apart from generating income, will eventually help to continue building a strong brand loyalty.