The Power of Social Media for Businesses

The importance of social media marketing to businesses is undeniable today. It hasn’t completely replaced traditional marketing but has become as essential and just as useful, especially for businesses on a small budget. If your business is not taking full advantage of the many benefits and opportunities social media has to offer, you are missing out on an inexpensive, swift, and extremely effective manner to reach half the population in the world! Managers and entrepreneurs everywhere, old and young are waking up to the massive possibilities a robust online presence can bring about.

A Virtual Business Card

Your social media presence is effectively your online business card. It can attract clients in a similar way as handing out your business card physically. From Facebook and Twitter to Linkedin and Instagram, they are all important and can build brand awareness, thereby attracting potential customers. For the more forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business leaders, having an online presence is a cost-effective and easy to operate marketing endeavour.

Growth, Networking & Meaningful Engagement

It is an undeniable fact that an active and well planned social media presence can lead to growth, networking and meaningful engagement with potential clients. This is so for any industry and kind of business. It is no longer enough to build a website these days. That has to follow up with an effective digital strategy that will help your website achieve a higher position in search engines. Social media has become the most powerful source of marketing today, and any business that ignores it is risking becoming obsolete.

Realising your Potential: The 4 Steps to Success

Social media has immense potential, and harnessing its powers depends on understanding how it works. You will need to prepare a strategy, optimise your platforms, use it to socialise, and finally to monetise your investment in social media. Your first step should be to attract a community without trying to sell anything directly. Delivering great content and useful information will go a long way into building a community prior to trying to make financial gains.

Turn Around Time (TAT)

Critical to the success of any endeavour, the TAT, or Turn Around Time needs to excel. TAT indeed plays a very vital role, as Social Media is somewhat different from newspapers, television and radio branding, where you can expect guaranteed results after a given period. For social media to be productive and successful, TAT has to be quick. Blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn campaigns should be coordinated and operated according to the most effective stipulated time of delivery to provide more leads. Social Media builds meaningful engagement and is about community building. Your target audience should be getting interested in your unique brand and the value it offers.

Social Proofing

Social proofing is of immense importance and it is crucial for meaningful and authentic engagement. Social proofing is the commitment of others to your business over digital platforms and social media. The more people that comment about your business online, the better the mainstream perception of your business.

Driving Your Sales

Driving sales for your business is the ultimate objective of a social media strategy. Regular, daily content marketing and online advertising across all Social Media platforms of note will play a vital role in achieving overall success for your business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn online campaigns should be coordinated to influence your audience and eventually drive an enormous amount of sales. Social media can be an advantageous medium to drive users to your platform. The beauty of social media marketing is that it works for all kinds of businesses, from micro to multinational corporations. It has the power to reach your desired audience, if used effectively.

Humanise your Brand  

Over half of the world’s population use social media which makes it a natural online location to reach new and targeted potential customers. Over 60% of Instagram users admit discovering new products on the platform. Absolut Vodka received a massive boost in sales and a 5 point lift when it ran an Instagram marketing campaign to promote its limited edition Spark bottle. Humanising your brand means giving a real face to it. The real-world proof is proof that your brand keeps its promises and delivers the goods. In order to connect with your clients, you will need to show your brand’s human side! Create brand values and embrace them. Ensure your customers that your brand is real and tangible.

Meaningful Relationship Moments

How you embrace your brand determines meaningful relationship moments. Are you really looking out for the best interests of your clients and employees? Your ability to create realistic human connections is one of the essential and critical benefits social media can offer. These are referred to as Meaningful Relationship Moments. Provide your followers with a showcase of your products or services, and demonstrate the intrinsic benefits they offer.


Social media marketing offers the opportunity to establish your brand no matter what industry you operate within. Try to source and provide unique info about topics related to your niche. You will build brand advocacy, promote an image of thought leadership and establish yourself in the eyes of your customers. That way you will build trust, foster credibility and drive sales.