Spam: what it actually is and how to get rid of it

If you follow Monty Python’s work – or followed, then maybe the term was already familiar to you before the dawn of the internet age. In that sketch, the Pythons showed spam (a type of luncheon meat) as being something superfluous and totally avoidable. One of the most irritating forms of spam lands very inconveniently in our email inbox, right in the middle of a number of important emails and messages. And when they begin to clutter our space beyond tolerable levels, it can get very, very annoying.

A couple of facts about spam:

  • 80% of spam is sent by botnets which are networks of virus-infected computers operating as mass distributors
  • How many spam emails are sent every day? Not a thousand. Not a million. Not a billion. 183 BILLION
  • Most of spam – 81% of it, is about pharmaceuticals while second up are emails about counterfeit products, clocking in at around 5%

So the underlying question is, how do you get rid of spam? Well there are a few ways. One of the ways is to report a sender to your email service provider. But wouldn’t it be nicer if we never got the spam emails in the first place? This is where spam filters come to play. These filters monitor your incoming mail and, based on the credibility of the sender, past reports and other data, block spam emails and let the rest in. As with everything, there are different degrees of spam filters and one of the most important criteria that sets them apart is their probability of correctly guessing a spam email from a wanted one.

4Sight prides itself in selling SpamTitan, a technology by developers who have catered for anything from three-person offices to high global security corporations. What’s great about SpamTitan is that unlike some email filters, it does not need any extra hardware and thus minimises the cost!

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