The 5 Commandments of Great Copywriting

Content is king and written content holds the power of SEO and can help to create a framework that allows your business to reach a target amount of viewers with effective marketing techniques. These viewers generate traffic to your website or social media pages translating views and interaction into sales. But why would users return to your platform if the content uploaded to it is poorly written?

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a copywriting newbie; learning how to strengthen your copywriting skills for the benefit of your audience could generate increased expertise and interest in your content. These are the 5 commandments of copywriting:

Commandment No. 1: deliver to your audience

The first thing you want to ask yourself when working on a copywriting task is; who will be reading your work?

Once you know your target audience, your tone and message will instantly gain direction. If you’re not sure how to address a certain audience, research your market, tap in to your competitors’ messaging and analyse how you can perform better. Speak to your audience with a friendly yet professional tone and always follow company communication guidelines to a T.

Ultimately, give your readers what they want!

Commandment No. 2: be certain of what you’re communicating

Once you’ve identified the market you will be communicating with, you will need to be certain of the brief.

A copywriting brief is necessary for effective copy. While it is in the content creator’s interest to attain an effective brief, account managers need to ensure that all necessary details are documented in a briefing. Following a brief will help to convert messaging into sales, increasing a company’s marketing tools and in turn upping the ROI.

Top tip: create a checklist of all the elements required in your copy.

Commandment No. 3: develop your style

Copywriting and content writing styles are the defining attributes that allow a writer to stand out. A good copywriter delivers a message or campaign with easily understood text, good delivery of sales points or news and strays away from errors in their content.

A great copywriter engages with their readers, creates excitement around a product and urges audiences to share and promote a company’s goods or services.

Using exciting language and composing copy or content in an artistic manner separates the writers from the robots.

Commandment No. 4: determine your objective

There are so many types of copywriting or content writing purposes; sales, brand exposure, awareness, education, entertainment, and the list goes on. SEO is a great objective to rely on.

Learning the purpose of your content creation is vital to properly executing a writing task. Why are you writing this blog? What are readers expected to do with this email or newsletter? What is this Instagram post supposed to instigate? Understand why you are working on a task before you attempt to write.

Commandment No. 5: choose the right words

Keep your copy clean, clear and consistent. Avoid using buffer language and overly complicated words to communicate a message. The more straightforward and tangible your copy the easier your message will be conveyed.

Using the passive voice might also distract your readers and confuse their understanding of the company message.

Remember to write your body content with confidence and certainty and ensure that your header or subject line is always catchy and on topic.

Improving your skills as a copywriter greatly relies on exposure. Consuming great amounts of content to literature or online resources, honing in on great phrases or expressions through film or conversation and investing in courses and workshops can greatly improve your copywriting skills.

Whatever you do, keep on writing!