The Importance of Google My Business for Maltese Local Businesses Visibility

google my business

Being present online when people search on Google for a certain product or service is essential nowadays; both to be competitive and not to lose potential customers. It is even more important when the search refers to a specific city or geographic area, for example Malta or Valletta.

3 practical examples of the importance of Google My Business for local businesses in Malta

  • Luca has just moved from Italy to Malta for work. Once he arrives in Malta Luca looks for a good pizzeria to dine in – within walking distance. Luca searches on Google but he does not find pizzerias near his home, so he decides to eat sushi. Luca does not know, however, that around the corner there is one of the best pizzerias in Malta which is just not visible online. Unfortunately Luca had to give up his desire for pizza and the pizzeria lost a customer.
  • Daniela is a Maltese girl who has just got her driving license. Daniela wants to buy a car to be able to go to work daily. Daniela searches on Google for car dealers in her area, not finding them, she goes to a car dealer 15 km away from home. Unfortunately Daniela does not know that there is a car dealer just 1 km from her home, but since it does not have a website and business profile, it is not visible online.
  • Andrew is the owner of a jewellery store. Despite being in a central area, he cannot understand why there is always a line of customers waiting at the nearby jewellery store while at his shop, only a few people per day. Andrew realises that by Google searching ‘jewellery stores in Malta’, the name of his business does not appear on the map or in the search results, while his competitor does. Andrew understands that to be competitive and not to lose customers he needs an online presence.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool that allows companies and organisations to manage their online presence on Google, including Search and Maps. Through this tool you can help customers find your business and understand the services you offer.

The benefits of Google My Business

You can manage your business information

You can decide what information you want users to see when looking for your business in Malta or the products and services you offer. In addition to the description of the company, you can specify opening times, website links and address details.

You can interact with customers

In addition to company information, you can also add photos that show your products to the public, what you do or what your venue is, these will entice the user even more to call, request driving directions or visit your site. Users can also add photos or leave a review. You can read and respond to your customers’ reviews.

You can analyse the data and expand your presence

In Google my Business you can see insights on how customers searched for your business, what words they used and where these customers come from. You can also find information on how many people called your business directly from the phone number displayed or how many requested directions and from which area. When you’re ready, you can create Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads or get an SEO consultant to help you maximise your company’s online visibility.