Understanding Website Localisation – 5 Reasons Why it’s So Important


English is the mother language of the world, it’s the language of communication, broadcasting, entertainment, advertising and connectivity – everyone understands English so why is it important to localise websites? Well, first off, there’s a great percentage of the population who do not consider English as their go-to language; either because of the language barrier it creates for them or simply because they’d rather access information in their mother tongue. So if you want to give users who access your website a complete service; you’d best learn a thing or two about website localisation.

Website localisation involves the process of adapting the content on a website to target a larger audience based on their preferred choice of language as well as their cultural tendencies and norms. This process entails careful analysis and increased sensitivity to a variety of languages, cultures and social practices of the target audience you wish to attract. Channeling information to different demographics, communities and social groups is one thing but having your message travel loud an clear to different countries, regions and continents is a whole other story.

There are many reasons why bounce rates increase on restrictive websites and getting lost in translation is one for the major aspects to take into consideration. Your website may have the fastest loading time, greatest look and feel and most attractive graphic display but can all your viewers understand it? Here are 5 super reason why you should choose website localisation!

Compete with the best

Top competitors in your field of work are sure to cater to a wider range of customers due to their multilingual website. Their first impression is inclusive and accommodating and makes their readers feel at ease and valued when they see their country’s flag appear in the language settings. This is what you want your clients to experience! If your competitors are not sensitive to non-native speakers of English, be the first in your line to get the upper edge.

Speak to everyone

Entering a conversation to find you cannot fully understand the language is pretty rough and the same can be said when your esteemed clients enter a website they need to translate. Translating your website into a full throttle user friendly platform doesn’t have to be labour intensive, the professionals have this in the bag; they know how to connect with their native speakers and use language to help you convert faster!

Feel at home

Have you ever visited a website and lost the entire concept of the content simply because you didn’t quite catch on? Like the exclusivity of an inside joke, cultural nuances are welcomed and totally appreciated by your international patrons – make them feel at home with local connections, current native language and other quirky facts that draw their attention to your commitment as a brand!

Make it crystal clear

Feeling misunderstood? That’s really understandable, especially if English is not your strongest suit! Following your favourite brands shouldn’t feel like hard work and as an innovative company neither should your website be misunderstood. Gaining insight in your preferred language is the fastest, most reliable, most efficient and most effective way to fully grasp what you are reading. Keeping this clear, simple and precise is key!

Boost your SEO

Bet you weren’t thinking of the wonders website localisation can do for your SEO and SERP stats! Well think again, adjusting your text, context and language choices will boost your SEO through the roof and hit that Google search up rapidly! All the keywords selected by professional translators will target the right people in the right place at the right time – allowing your business to grow and your online reputation to sky rocket!

Your website is your company’s first impression with a potential client, so creating an instant connection is super important! Integrate a multi-national feel with a bespoke website tailor made to get all your clients on board! Give us a shout; we’re here to help!