Want Your Law Firm In Malta To Be Visible on Google? 3 Major Points You Shouldn’t Miss

Getting your ranking up on Google is the number one aim for all successful businesses, whether you’ve running a taco truck that serves up fresh grub or a full-on dental clinic serving the masses on a daily basis, you need to get a leg up on the competition. Mastering your SEO skills to tailor searches is the optimal way to get noticed and the same can be said for law firms in Malta; especially if you’re trying to stand out overseas.

One of the cheesiest, but most vital, jokes in the digital marketing world reads;

Q: “Where do you go to hide a dead body?”

A: “The second page of Google.”

Although morbid and somewhat far fetched, this dark humour relates to each and every business that fails to rank their searches on the first and most coveted page of a Google search. And the truth is that if your company is not on the leading board of a simple Google search then your hard work and effort is as good as dead.

This might not be the most appropriate premise to a legal firm, but there’s a happy ending to this tale –  a simple solution that will get the ranks up, the hits pumping and the customer orders sweeping in. Here are a few tips that the 4Sight team can guide you through:

Your Law Firm’s Website

There’s so much competition out there and although it might be healthy to battle it out against the best, you want to make sure you’re given a just advantage in the pool of experts that surround you. Matters like web page loading time, improved UX and UI as well as tailored features that best describe your law firm’s expertise are high up on that list, but the first thing you’ll need to start off with is SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the creme de la creme of digital marketing and all gurus in the community know that this should be the foundation of any online campaign. Google is a search engine, graduating at the top of its class as the most used search engine globally, so it goes without saying that you’re going to have to impress the hand that feeds you here. Optimising your search tags to appear on the first page of Google takes commitment, research and a whole lot of planning but luckily there are experts out there who really know how to abide to the system and get the clicks in.

Another great tactic to getting your voice heard is through PPC campaigns, which basically translates into Pay Per Click campaigns, whereby your law firm is only charged for the active ‘clicks’ that come through the adverts you’ve paid for. A PPC campaign is the safest, and as thought of by most digital gods, the best way to get a good bang for your buck.

Legal firms looking to make it big outside Maltese waters need to adopt such methods vigorously as not only are they competing with the local titans but also the legal warlords that provide advice, services and win trials for your potential clients overseas. The European Union provides an open market to matters such as residency, citizenship, business relocation and family relocation so seeking advice from Maltese law firms may be an evident plus seeing as these matters are high on Malta’s list of concerns.

Your digital presence

The digital world is soaring, and no matter how much we push traditional media platforms such as newspaper, billboards, TV or radio, the digital reach is far more measurable and effective when you’re targeting foregin interest. The word ‘digital’ may seem as though it commits itself to a number of facets, sporting many faces and battling some of the toughest crowds – and that’s true. Your digital presence is noticed by so many audiences and can simultaneously have an instant effect on them from the get go.

Some of the best ways to fuel your digital presence is by swarming the internet with content. Content is still king and its reign will dominate the net for years to come; so investing in a great content marketer who knows a thing or two about SEO will help you match up your skills in the courtroom with your presence on the internet.

Blogs, articles, e-books and other creative forms of outreach are great ways of getting your voice heard and since there are many legal priorities linked to our 21st century lifestyle, a variety of content tailored to different demographics will surely give you the upper hand.

Your social media

If it’s not on Instagram it didn’t happen! Probably the most used expression for social media aficionados, uttered by a huge portion of the planet’s tech-savvy population. Want to know a little secret? These digital babies are your future clients, so catching them young is the best way to secure life-long clients who fully trust in your service.

Organic sharing just doesn’t cut it anymore. There’s so much our social media users filter through everyday, that you’re just one in a million compared to the rest of the legal firms in Malta and beyond the Med. That sponsored post you share on your socials, be they Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or anything the kids are raving about these days, may get you connected with a valuable client who needs your professionalism and expertise to get through a rough patch in their life.

Giving your social media content a tone of voice, image, message and call to action that stands out from the crowd is the key to visibility. Each social platform requires its own style and technique and there are a tonne of ways you can make use of these tools, even with the smallest of budgets.

Following these simple tactics will give your business the well-deserved recognition it craves and help companies find more clients and in return give customers a new, trusted provider to help them with their legal matters. Digital Marketing agencies such as 4Sight are equipped with experts in the field who can provide you with top ranking websites, SEO boosted blogs and all the other digital needs your law firm may need to level out the playing field. The only thing your team of lawyers is required to do is the stuff that matters; giving your clients thorough and tailored legal advice.