Why Website Speed Matters?

laptop and website

Speed really does matter! No one has time to waste while your website loads up. The longer it takes, the quicker you lose that potential client. The world is full of impatient clickers and people in a hurry. Your website may be targeting the correct audience, but they aren’t staying on the site long enough to make a purchase or enquiry. Website design and SEO contribute towards reaching your buyers, and if you can ensure your website loads up quickly, you have all the tools in place to increase your revenue.

How long should it take for a website to load up?

Users expect your website to load up in the blink of an eye. People are naturally frustrated waiting around and will move straight to the competition the longer it takes. Users have become more demanding and fussy, and the sheer choice of online businesses selling similar products or services is vast. The fact is, slow pages are a drag, and no one likes them! They will think they can find a faster loading page and will change allegiance like the wind changes direction. The average website user will click onto another website of your own homepage takes longer than a few seconds to load up. It’s as simple as that! Almost half web users expect the home page to load up in 2 to 3 seconds, no matter how unreasonable that sounds. Furthermore, 40% of online consumers will discard your website if it takes more than two or three seconds to load up.

Why else do users jump ship?

If your web page doesn’t load up correctly, the result is the same and users will move on. Conversion rates will suffer admissibly, resulting in lost business. A single second delay will cut conversion rates drastically by 7% and every extra second that it takes to load costs your business lost sales and customers. Nobody wants to lose 7% of their customers or potential leads because of a slow loading website. Search engines also rate fast loading website better than the slower ones, so you are also losing there if your site takes too long to load up. The speed of loading affects your website’s ranking, and the slower it loads, the lower the site will rank.

Take Action. Now!

The longer you take to make a decision to optimise your site and speed it up, the more clients you lose while you are thinking about it. Most small businesses do not give website speed the importance it deserves, thereby losing leads and sales. Don’t delay, make a decision now, before it’s too late and all your clients are gone! Now is the ideal time to take full advantage of a prime opportunity to get well ahead of your competition. A web developer or designer can optimise your website speed increasing traffic by at least 10%. Offset this against the minimal outlay of speeding up your site, and you will see tangible results in a short period. Does that cost less than hiring a designer?

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