Why Should You Choose a Professional Web Development Company? Here are 5 Reasons.

Slow and steady is not a term you’d like to associate with your website, so why not hire a professional web developer to give your website that touch of elitism it needs.

Whether it’s a start-up business or an established brand, our website speaks a thousand words. Not only as a vital first impression to new clients and market competitors, but also to established clients who make use of our website on a periodic basis.

Beat the competition and retain your client base with a website that loads in seconds, meets your user-experience requirements and always gives you the focus and drive you, as a business owner needs to make further improvements to your site.

Here are 5 reasons why your website is in need of a professional web development company:

1.  Professional Web Developers will strengthen paths for Aesthetics with Website Designers

It might sound obvious that web developers and web designers work hand in hand, but it’s a common flaw in the path of work when you come to build a website. If there’s a lack of communication between the developer and the designer or a little misunderstanding in the layout or procedure on how the website will be presented to the public, chaos will arise.

At 4Sight, our team members work closely together and are involved in the building, structuring and fine tuning of a website from strategy phase to presentation phase

2.  Professional Web Developers will ensure that your website is fully Accessible with a Mobile Friendly Version

It’s very easy for amateur web developers to believe that a desktop version and mobile version of a website is as simple as clicking the ‘View in Mobile Mode’ button at the top of the very equipped, yet slightly misleading web design and development websites. If a simple click of a button could make your website translate from a 27” desktop to a 7” mobile screen, there would be absolutely no need for web developers at all.

This, however, is not the case. Making a website streamlined for mobile use requires a serious amount of planning and coding that only the most experienced web developers will manage to achieve. Our web developers at 4Sight are trained, experienced and passionate about bringing UI and UX to the foreground of a website’s appeal.

3.  Professional Web Developers help you enhance your website’s Visibility with SEO

Apart from their obvious ability to complete a website and ensure that all the features and details are aesthetically appealing as well as functional, a good web developer will be able to work hand in hand with the SEO Specialist to help optimise your website for search engines.

With the world of analytics changing everyday, web developers must be on their toes when it comes to website optimisation. At 4Sight, our team of SEO experts and in-house web developers creates the perfect combination of insight and ability in creating a website that performs well and meets all SEO expectations.

4.  Professional Web Developers can make your website fully Inclusive with Voice Search Friendly

Every professional website development company knows that voice search friendliness is a prerequisite of a standard website in this day and age. Without voice search, many users will be unable to actively search for and make use of your website. This is an inclusive aspect that a lot of freelance or self-made web developers fail to recognise.

With voice search comes a tonne of keyword research, and for this a team of SEO experts, affluent content writers and skilled web developers are needed to generate the right content, in the right tone and with the right messaging. Luckily, at 4Sight we are equipped with all these top-tier creators.

5.  Professional Web Developers make sure that your website is Compliant with the latest Standards

What does this mean? Apart from ensuring that your website ranks, reaches its target market in a smooth and successful manner and even does this in a pretty way on mobile, there are a few legal matters that need to be addressed and remembered when creating a website. While freelance web developers or newbie web developers may not mean to maliciously forget the legal requirements of a website, failing to include certain AML, KYC, T&C or Disclaimer notifications could lead to a whole array of future problems for a company.

Our devoted team of trained professionals at 4Sight is in the know all the time and make sure to keep abreast with all the latest standards in both technology use and compliance. We’re secure and safe.

Your website is the golden ticket that will lead you to new clients and an increased work structure that will also act as the window into your portfolio of work. Your company is made up of professionals, and the only way to translate that in a digital format is to make sure professionals and a team of experts handle your website development too.

At 4Sight, our target is to give all our clients the drive and enthusiasm they need to see their company grow and succeed. With our experienced professionals always looking to improve their skills and stay in touch with the latest standards and trends, we are confident that we can provide the best web development services with a smile on our faces and a sense of pride in our hearts.

We believe that your success is our success, contact us at 4Sight today for your opportunity to give your website the boost it needs to soar.