5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms, Lawyers & Attorneys

If you’re a lawyer or attorney, the likelihood is that your focus is set on updating yourself with the updated regulations and laws rather than the trends and expectations of digital marketing. And boy do they change frequently!

Although getting in touch with a digital marketing agency could be your best bet to keep your traction and reach as high as possible compared to your competitors, here are 5 digital marketing tips that the experts at 4Sight recommend you focus on:

Your website should be your biggest marketing investment

If you think about it, your website will be the ultimate reference spot for all the past, current and potential clients you represent. It’s the first impression they will get of your firm and as we know, first impressions are everlasting

If your prospective clients stumble upon your site and attempt to review your services, but are constantly interrupted with errors, low loading pages and content errors – there’s a great chance that you will lose their business. 

But did you know that first impressions are 94% design-related? If your website is lacking in some sort of aesthetic structure, your viewers are far more likely to lose interest and head to one of your competitors, without even having spoken to you – the expert lawyer yet! Talk about judging a book by its cover. 

Words mean so much – especially coming from a lawyer

The primary reason a potential client is seeking your services is for you to talk your way out of a situation – in this case the client you are representing. If a lawyer’s best asset is their ability to communicate clearly and precisely, how can a client trust a firm that can’t communicate through their website?

With written content comes SEO, a tool that helps your website climb Google’s rankings and develop a good relationship with the bots scanning your industry. Your aim is to get yourself to the top of the list, but the first SERP page also offers great visibility. 

Content is King – you must have heard this phrase! And while we think of written content as the main source of information, imagery also plays a big role. Make sure your website is visually appealing as well as sourced with the right information. 

It’s word of mouth that will make you convert

Look at all the ‘big decisions’ you’ve had to make, be it the purchase of a new fridge, a new car or even a holiday destination – you base your decision on reviews, testimonials and case studies. It’s rare to just jump in and buy an item or service without checking what the rest of the market has to say.

Your happy clients are your best assets; they have the ability to promote your business far better than any marketing campaign; but we often find it hard to share these kind words of appreciation. What if you allocated a spot on your website for client or case reviews? 

Without breaching any legal limitations, this could resonate with your potential clients an d draw them in based on the success of a similar court case. People respond to positive reviews, this could be a huge gain for your firm.

Don’t stop at your website – social media is key

Social media has taken the world by storm, we all know this! In fact, advertising on social platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, could help boost your brand awareness, and of course LinkedIn would be a great asset to such a professional industry. 

When it comes to LinkedIn, you should encourage all your legal team of attorneys to update their profiles, link to the company page and keep their feed current and engaging. LinkedIn also allows you to create and share written content which will reach all your followers. 

But if you want to take your content creation tactics to the next level, blogging is the way to go. Simply create a blog page on your website and appoint an experienced writer with legal knowledge to curate a thriving blog. This will not only serve as a reference point for your clients, but it will also boost your SEO drastically over time.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising is any kind of advertising that you have to pay for. With paid advertising, you pay the owner of ad space in exchange for use of that space. The price paid for the ad space is often settled through a bidding process between marketers and the ad space owner.

Paid Adv is important to increase your brand awareness and drive people back to your main information source; generally your website. Let’s take a blog as an example, there’s only so much your website can do on its own; but if you share a post to your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn page and possibly even add a few paid Google Ads to your month’s campaign your reach will most definitely increase.

Apart from the increase in reach, paid adv will also allow you to beat your competition in the instant access aspect. If a potential client is scouting the market, they will most likely engage with the brand or firm that is most visible. If they see your ads first, you stand a better chance at getting the business.

Law or attorney firms work in the exact same way as any other online business when referring to their digital marketing needs – exposure is your biggest asset!

If your team is devoted to their legal work and cannot invest any time in working on the firm’s digital marketing efforts, 4Sight Group can provide you with the perfect service. GET IN TOUCH!

Our experience in digital marketing, the legal world as well as corporate industries will give you the set-up you need to reach higher ranking, exposure and interaction with your clients and the entire market in search for good, fair and honest legal advice.