5 Enterprise Mobile App Development Ideas That Will Grow Your Business

If you own a smartphone, and we’re pretty sure you do, you must agree that the everyday running of your life depends on that palm-sized contraption you wake up to every morning.

Let’s start off by saying that there’s nothing wrong with relying on a smart piece of technology to give our lives more structure, stability and entertainment. But can we use this powerful force of technology to jump start our businesses and keep track of the day-to-days without having to turn on a desktop device?

Many say yes, and with the creation of enterprise mobile development, it’s become easier, faster and more secure.

What is enterprise mobile app development?

Enterprise mobile app development is a step towards the future of our work habits. While it might not sound appealing to anyone other than millenials, they are the future of the workforce, so keeping them engaged and ready to react and perform expertly is what our innovators and creators would be focusing on.

Enterprise mobile app development is the creation and deployment of portable, scalable and secure mobile apps that allow users to engage with their organisations, consumers, partners and staff in a seamless, cloud-based model.

Enterprise Applications (EA) are basically a software solution that allows business logic and structure to run across every device you make use of for your daily work habits.

This could be as simple a mobile access to your Shared Google Drive, with all the documents, foems, spreadsheets and comments flowing in interaction with the rest of your work mates, or as complex as a mobile billing system that allows you to send out invoices, time trackers and accounting priorities, such as Timestead.

Enterprise Mobile Applications could be the fastest track to the future of work, creating a hybrid work model from the ease and convenience of your smartphone. Here are 5 examples of the Enterprise Mobile Apps you should be looking at to improve the flow of your business in the 21st century:

1. It’s all about loyalty… so create an app

Loyalty is what keeps the business wheels turning, there’s no better way to ensure your company will be successful than with retainer clients who trust in your services and build their relationship with you. Surely that deserves some recognition.

Case Study: let’s take your favourite coffee house as an example, or maybe your go-to lunch spot. Think about how many lattes or club sandwiches you’ve ordered in your entire working life, wouldn’t it be great if your loyalty to a company was recognised and in some way rewarded?

Printed loyalty cards, stamped after you’ve placed your order, used to be the coveted rectangular card in your wallet. But let’s be honest, they’re so outdated now aren’t they? Focused companies are turning to digital apps to track and reward customer loyalty. This is also a great way for companies to follow your habits and personalize your experience with the brand.

2. Need help keeping meetings in order?

There’s nothing worse than losing track of your team, simply because you’re away from your desktop computer. There seems to be a far easier way of keeping in-line with your team than jotting it down on a notebook, in the 1990s fashion. But of course, there is a very quick and easy solution – cloud calendars are the secret weapon to any team’s disorganised dilema.

Case Study: imagine you’re out at a meeting, working hard to bring in some more projects for your team of hardworking staff. You look at your website, to check out the latest blog, and you realise that there’s an awful error that will deteriorate the blogs interaction with your target market. What do you do? You can’t fix it yourself, you’re in a meeting.

You check out your team calendar of course, see who’s available or flexible and ask them to sort it out instantly. This transparent approach allows for more flexibility and a faster reaction time that will give your brand the quality and expertise it wishes to share with the market.

3. Keep your staff in line… here’s an app

Much like a shared calendar, keeping your staff on the same page with KPIs, tasks, goals, deadlines and target dates can help everyone visualise the company’s successes and failures. Understanding how and when to react to someone or something will save time, lengthy conversations and even produce far more efficient and structured work.

4. Constant communication with an enterprise mobile app

This is an easily understood Mobile Enterprise App that not only revolutionises the way we work but also the way we communicate with our peers, colleagues and consumers.

A streamlined communication tool such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp could be the go-to communication stream for many individuals, both on a personal level and professional level. Other applications such a Signal could be used to keep all in-house secrets secure and centralised. With disappearing time, password entry and a whole security encryption method implemented into the software.

5. What about self-care?

If there’s one flaw in remote teams, it’s the lack of empathy that we might show towards each other. With an HR department monitoring employee performance, attitude and approach towards the role they’ve been entrusted with, keeping track of their well being is far easier when you can see them and speak to your employees physically.

Case Study: it’s not that HR is becoming redundant, it’s really more about keeping up with the trends and giving your staff the care and attention that they need in light of the changes that took place in 2020.

Calling someone into your office for a chat, does not entirely suffice anymore, but rather setting your team up with a membership to apps such as Headspace, Balance or Calm could help them tackle their stress points, leaving them out of the virtual office entirely. These Enterprise Mobile Apps could give your staff the stability and security they need to battle on through the day.

Adopt Enterprise Mobile Apps into your business model, and test the waters of the future where apps will allow us to communicate, express our emotions, track our time and progress as well as share creative ideas no matter where we are across the globe.


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