Here’s How Can a Reservation App Make Your Job Easier?

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Do you remember a time where you’d make an appointment over the phone? Wait for the restaurant you wanted a table at to pick up the phone or hope the dentist you desperately need to visit has an availability before your aching tooth falls out! This system was messy – it often relied on organisational power, the sanctity of a reservation book and memory work. A newer, more efficient and reliable scheduling tool for reservations is amidst us and it has to power to facilitate our jobs, smoothen confirmation times for our clients and ultimately give our users a stress-free option when making a booking somewhere.

While there’s nothing quite wrong with giving your hairdresser a call for your next appointment every now and then, a reservation app proves to be much simpler – you’re still going to have ample time to gossip during your appointment so there’s really no need for fear of missing out. With everything from our University documents to our latest marketing pitch saved on the cloud, saving a few appointment dates here and there seems to make sense but there’s an even better way… reservation apps.

Imagine logging into an app, where all your details can be stored; your preferences targeted and your calendar fully synced with your daily work and play schedule. All your time slots completely visible, so easy right? Now imagine the establishment you were trying to book an appointment at, for example a lawyer or accountant, had their entire availability schedule visible to you! This all sounds too good to be true but it’s a fact and industries such as the real estate sector depend on this programming to fully milk the demand.

The Microsoft 365 Team believe that  scheduling software used for reservation apps can really give businesses a leg up on the competition; highlighting a few deciphering points to sieve the good from the bad.

  1. A super smooth interface; streamlines, easy-to-use and pretty to look at
  2. A clear and structured path where even the most limited user will find the process easy
  3. An opt-out option; where users are not forced to create an account but can use the app as guests
  4. A bot to get to those automated replies, FAQ problems and the ability to guide users who’ve found themselves in a bit of a mess
  5. A centralised approach to give you and your team a transparent view of what’s going on
  6. A database of customers who you can contact whenever the need arises.

So now that you know how to create the best reservation app, it might be beneficial to know why this sort of investment can make big changes in your business;

The 24/7 response

No matter where your clients are they can always reach you. Say you own a pet grooming salon and one of your regular clients, good old Rex,  is in need of a good brush down. Rex’s owner is off travelling, and Time Zones aren’t working in your favour – enter the reservation app, 24/7 contact, no limitations and no missed bookings or disappointed clients.

Stress-Free booking management

Everything is transparent when you’re working with a reservation app. Your company will be better able to focus on the people matters that robotics hasn’t quite eliminated yet. Think of a hotel receptionists simply checking an app for details; sharing that info and dealing with a real live problem instead. Super efficient.

A business with insight is always better

Let the algorithm keep you on track, learn how to read what it’s clearly spelling out for you and you’ll be absolutely fine! Think of a private tutor who creates such a reservation app; evaluating student feedback can be the best lesson ever learned.

Upselling is always good

Increase your revenue with the add-ons you can stitch into your package – it’s your app, have it your way and make it work in your favour. A content writer who creates a reservation app to book in hours of work per day can create packages to help sell more.

No-shows no more

You will notice a decrease in your cancellations because clients can be reminded through your app. The best thing about creating your own software is that you can tailor it to act in a certain way. A tattoo artist can send weekly reminders if absolutely necessary. Remember not to annoy you clients too much though.

Apart from the above mentioned perks, there are also so many other top reasons why your job could get easier when using a reservation app; timely payment and time management are two other perks of hosting a fully accessible app. Let your clients feel in control of their choices, give them options and make everything crystal clear.