How to Brand Your Medical or Dental Practice: 3 Tips

Dental clinic

The medical sector will always be one of necessity, and when opting for private health care or dentistry, finding the right practice is paramount to your overall health and wellbeing. Even though the medical industry is founded on compassion, empathy and the longing to help others who are in physical or psychological need, at the end of the day a private medical clinic or dental practice is a business and needs to be marketed as one. 

We all know that branding is what first catches a new client’s eye. It’s the drawing hook that will instigate interest and curiosity; allowing your brand to shine over its competitors. Branding is a tool that can help a business branch out, reach new heights and allow for prospective changes within its target market. Smart branding is a way to engage with customers and communicate in a language that they are interested in hearing.

So what are the best ways for a medical clinic or dental practice to brand and market themselves. Here are 4Sight’s 3 smart branding tips for businesses in the medical field:

1. Define your medical company’s brand: who are you?

Whether you’re a brand new practice starting off from the ground up or an established practice choosing to rebrand your image, you’ll need to go back to the drawing board a couple of times before you land on the all-knowing solution to defining who you are. 

A brand defines their image and ethos based on the principles they wish to instill in the public, their clients and of course the industry. If you are a medical professional who wants to deliver a service that is professional, safe, well-priced and always looking to facilitate better user journeys; such as online booking or digital payments, then this could be your defining factor. 

If your new business is set to be the dental clinic that offers an elite service; perhaps a little better than the local dentist who already has a huge waiting list of clients, but can’t prove your skills without the exposure; focus on the other factors that you offer. 

Make your customer service and user journey: streamlined booking platforms or apps, waiting room commodities and aesthetic, practitioner friendliness and professionalism, payment solutions and after care – these are all selling factors that you can use to define who you are as a dental practitioner and should be marketed. 

You can use these factors to identify your pillars of success and use them as prompts for your social media posts, website content and traditional marketing solutions. If this all sounds great but seems to be too much of a challenge for you, 4Sight are here to help; giving you a full solution to all your marketing needs. 

2. Understand your medical clinic’s market: where do you fit in?

With all branding ideologies, you’ll need to not only define who you are as a medical practitioner, but also where you fit in the market. If you’re appealing to the older generations based on the service you offer and are specialised in, then your marketing approaches will change. But if you’re appealing to the younger generation, then perhaps a fresh and trendy approach might be needed. 

At 4Sight we specialise in branding, giving you the opportunity to communicate with your target market in a language they understand, we also offer digital marketing solutions and excel at giving our clients the exposure and reach that their brand needs to reach new heights and attract new clients

If you are a company that focuses on cosmetic improvements such as botox, fillers and elective surgeries, you might assume that you are appealing to the younger generation, or maybe only women, but in reality, everyone can enquire about such services and adopt such improvements as an aesthetic solution to mental wellness and confidence. So how do you advertise to such a broad audience?

A factor that your potential patients might have in common is that they are looking to correct a feature that does not boost their confidence, that makes them feel less than or uncomfortable – they could also be experiencing pain or discomfort from the area or feature that they are trying to improve. So how about boosting your company brand by injecting confidence into your campaigns? 

Finding the innovative solution, paired with catchy copy, eye-catching design and clear CTAs is what we at 4Sight love to do. Our team of creative strategists relish in every fun and challenging campaign that comes our way. So get in touch with 4Sight to make your campaign a little perkier!

3. Structure your medical practice’s mission: how will you make an impact?

When you’re creating a brand image, you’re hoping to communicate who you are to the right set of people. And that all relates to the imagery and content that you deliver to your target market. From logos to Instagram feeds, web content to waiting room brochures, there’s a long banking on what you look like and how you conduct yourself online – with 4Sight’s help you can achieve the right balance and make sure you engage with every form of marketing.

But it’s not only about the real life people that you will be dealing with on a daily basis, it’s got a lot to do with the robots that will rank and evaluate your content. With long term content such as web pages, blogs and campaign landing pages, you’ll be working with a strategy called SEO; where keywords will help you to rank high on Google’s local results page and be as competitive as possible in the market. 

When it comes to your social media, you will be looking at the hashtags used and the communicative messaging, imagery and copy, that gives your consumers the right understanding of your pillars of success. No matter which strategy you adopt, gaining followers and that sense of community is how your business will thrive.

All in all, branding your medical practice is all about understanding what the market needs, how you fit in and how you exceed your client’s expectations. The expert advice of the 4Sight team will allow you to give your brand the boost it needs, so you can work at improving your service and professional practice. 

Contact 4Sight today to build your brand, develop a winning marketing strategy and give your brand its chance to shine bright in the medical industry.