Re-engage Your Audience with Remarketing Techniques

remarketing process

Digital Marketing agencies are constantly researching new ways to deliver outstanding results for their client’s online campaigns. Be it social media strategies, Google Ads campaigns or SEO strategies, the Digital Marketing world is constantly changing; keeping marketeers on their toes at all times.

But what happens when a company wants to retarget those consumers who may have posed interest in a brand; but never actually converted? Keeping conversions and effectively Return on Investment (ROI) on the increase is always the best chance to continue a brand’s efforts in the market. Remarketing your online content to potential consumers is a sure way of reengaging them, and their business, to your brand.

Google, Facebook and all the other big contenders in the online marketing industry have created a way to make this happen.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is often commonly known as ‘retargeting’ and is the personalization of campaigns set to reach consumers who have previously visited your website, social media page but never committed to the brand.

The foundations of remarketing are based on the fact that people who are more aware of your brand, are far more likely to convert than those who have never stumbled upon your pages. The one thing that marketeers and social media experts need to recognise is that, their messaging to such potential clients needs to be targeted in a way that is:

  • constant
  • personalised
  • encouraging

With these three concepts in mind, the customer is more likely to travel up the conversion funnel – benefitting your brand with a loyal customer base and your new clients with the perks of your brand or service.

How does Remarketing work?

Google Ads is undoubtedly one of the most popular remarketing tool on the market. The process adopted by Google Ads and a variety of other similar tools can be roughly broken down into three vital steps:

  1. Awareness: users visit your website, social media pages or see Google Ads related to your brand
  2. Cookie Tagging: upon visiting your online portals, users are tagged with a cookie that is added to a remarketing list
  3. Targeted Marketing: social media managers, content writers, SEO experts and brand executives who launch Ad campaigns will specifically target such ‘cookie-tagged’ customers to deliver a personalized message.

The sort of messaging and brand awareness that takes place during this process is quite technical and all depends on how Google classifies them as potential customers. There are six types of remarketing categories on Google Ads:

  1. Standard: this process shows display ads to visitors who have visited your website before; such ads are displayed on websites or apps in the ‘display network’. This process works in conjunction with Google Ads and features a network of over 2,000,000 websites.
  2. Dynamic: just like standard remarketing, consumers that fit into your target market are addressed – but in the case of remarketing, ads are personalised depending on the habits such users displayed on your website or social platform.

This can be broken down into further specific categories; such as;

  1. Mobile Apps: targeting mobile display networks specifically,
  2. Search Engine Ads: this step does not make use of display ads; this focuses more specifically on consumers who are aware of your brand but are looking into your competitors,
  3. Video Ads: targeting YouTube users who view similar content to yours – your content will appear in the YouTube video lists itself on both desktop and mobile and
  4. Distribution Lists: based on contact lists, this step is targeted to users who may have signed up to your newsletter.

The advantages of remarketing

Remarketing is useful to the majority of brands, it’s simply a way of reacquainting your target market with your image, that for any given reason did not convert in the first place. It allows you to;

  • Reach maximum personalisation by means of targeted ads and understanding why your brand or service was not their first option.
  • Increase your potential reach by making use of the 2 million websites in the Google Ads display network.
  • Remind consumers of your brand with frequent display of what your brand does and how it can be a solution to their business or personal life.
  • Helps you meet your marketing goals by adapting itself to the situations that are being faced in the current market and adjusting goals accordingly.
  • Increase your conversions by placing ads in the right places, at the right time, for the right customer.

Finding a team of experts to fully address your remarketing strategies may seem like a tough job, but luckily, at 4Sight we are equipped with a team of experienced marketing professionals who are constantly hunting down the latest digital marketing approaches.

Our proven track record and serious passion for anything digital is vital to the success of our clients and their ultimate impact on the market. Get in touch with our social media, SEO and content team to find out how your brand can make the most of the current market.