3 expert ways to update your website


Updating your website is probably the number one way to ensure all the information you’re conveying about your brand is relevant, safe and delivered as swiftly as possible. The internet is the number one tool in gaining information on a variety of brands belonging to different niches within hundreds of sectors – it’s really never ending.

But with this vast amount of information comes competition. And with competition comes powerful SEO techniques to hit the top tier to whatever industry you belong to. Every industry targets certain demographics, certain ‘types’ of consumers with their catchy visuals and smooth liners. So how can your website compete in gaining the recognition it deserves? Keep it up-to-date. Simple.

Here are 3 reasons why you should get in touch with the experts at 4Sight who will guide you in updating your website to its best potential:

We’ve got the looks

We’re pretty darn sexy sometimes! Whenever a website design project comes into 4Sight’s ownership; we treat each building block, each logo option and every fancy feature as though it were to feature on our own site!

During this process our creative department and web development team generally sit together to brainstorm what needs to be done to achieve the top-notch quality we know the website deserves.

Let’s take a boutique t-shirt making company as an example:

Imagine you own a t-shirt printing company with the coolest designs imaginable; the most vibrant colours and super catchy text splashed onto the front of the T. Now imagine how your potential (and existing) clients would feel if they were ‘forced’ to enter a tatty and out of date website to buy your awesome material? Something doesn’t quite match up right?

You want to position yourself as a leader, and innovator in the t-shirt making collective; first impressions are one of the biggest influencers in sticking with a brand or not. So you want to create a relationship in your first meeting, whether you’re being channelled on mobile, desktop or tablet.

We’ve got the protection

Protection is a major investment into securing your site. We’ve all heard about hacking disasters that ruined company reputation and standing in society; some are obvious and feature content that could be considered illegal, offensive or violent – but some attacks are minor, discrete and just as harmful!

Protecting your image is vital to your success and a virus hanging out in your website’s back-end is never helpful in this task. Owing the right security features and keeping them updated is the best chance you stand at ensuring these bugs never make it to your setup. Prevention is better than cure; for development’s, reputation’s and cost’s sake!

Let’s imagine you own an online bookstore. You stock a number of books for various or specialised content and supply your clients with a thorough and efficient service in the delivery of physical books. If your back-end has been targeted and had all its stats altered by hackers; your end-users might be misinformed, disappointed or targeted through your site. Total downfall.

4Sight’s stance on website protection is serious. Dead serious in fact! Our technology background allows us to detect small errors in the functioning of websites under our care; we also set you up with security solutions to get you through any battlefield.

We’ve got the smarts

The dynamic team at 4Sight is made up of experts in their relative fields, from content wizards to SEO gurus and digital ninjas; we’ve got the crème de la crème ready and willing to share their smarts with your brand.

In order to compliment design, look and feel with high ranking content that delivers where and when needed; SEO needs to play a major part in the accomplishments of your website. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a tool that gives content writers a solid foundation on how to angle their text. It is also a trackable system that will point out all the pain points, achievements and new paths for a brand.

With strategic planning, clever copy and periodic analysis; your website could be in ship shape in no time. Let’s try to understand how effective these steps are in maintaining a service provider website.

If it’s an efficient, affordable and professional home decoration team you’re looking for then you’d probably type keywords such as “designer”, “kitchen”, “cheap”, “good” and some others into Google; hoping to strike a great deal. Well… a good digital team would know this and try their best to incorporate these words into their website. It’s a win-win situation really.

Keeping your website up-to-date is quite a task oriented job that would require every expert in your team to do their part and lend a hand in optimising to the max. Updates such as security checks, SEO updates and content tweaking should be done on a monthly basis to ensure top ranking sites; but this does not apply to every website and every user; it’s always best to consult the pros at 4Sight before taking any drastic measures in the look and feel of your website.

Some updates are needed yearly, and they’re best handled during your annual website audit – these updates will target the UX and UI facets of a site – design and visual appeal should be something that keeps your viewers well acquainted with your work but hungry for aesthetic changes that you provide throughout the year. A full visual revamp, should take place every two or three years.

So if you’re looking to sport a flashy website with reliable content, knowledgeable information and consistent security and delivery stats, you should get in touch with our creative team at 4Sight; there’s so much more we can guide you with in turing your website from a stagnant site to a go-to page within the industry you serve.

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