3 Reasons Your Prospects HATE Your Website

Your website is a customer’s first impression of your brand your identity and the services you provide. Giving your website the proper representation is important, doing so could help draw more people to your brand to make use of your offerings. But if your website is not too attractive, fails to load properly or maybe doesn’t give the users a good enough experience to return, you might be in trouble.

There are many reasons as to why users may hate your website, and discovering what elements of your site are causing users to stray away could include:

1. Your content is not relevant

Content is what fuels your website. Is it relevant?

Content is king and no matter how repetitive this phrase may sound, it’s the truth. Content gives users the ability to interact with your brand and to fulfil their duties as consumers. Whether it’s a weekly blog post, a monthly newsletter or a periodic video uploaded to your website, people need to consume content to be in interaction with you.

If your information is old or out of date, then trust and respect for your image will deteriorate very quickly. In order to maintain good content practices you’ll need:

  • proofread content, free of grammatical, lexical and contextual errors,
  • captivating imagery that is cropped, edited and contextualised to perfection,
  • current news, information and politically correct approaches to language,
  • up-to-date and relevant content that is regularly maintained and
  • optimised text backed by SEO management and ranking keywords.

2. Bad usability and user experience

Are you mobile ready?

Living in a digital world means adapting to new trends and user experiences. Desktop devices, while still used by many, are becoming less and less used when compared to mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets.

That said, most users prefer to search on their smart devices rather than on a computer – is your website ready to be viewed on mobile devices? Is it optimised for such use? Some great ways to improve the usability of your website is to ensure that:

  • your website is designed professionally, with visual and graphical prowess,
  • your UI and UX are infallible and continuously checked for bugs,
  • your website’s speed of loading is fast and streamlined and
  • your development is coded with mobile in mind.

3. Disruptions reduce your website’s experiences

Is your website responding properly?

Users who claim to ‘hate’ a website as usually justified in their opinions if the loading speed, reaction time and functionality of a website slow down their browsing experience. Poor navigation, excessive pop-ups and auto-play videos create disturbances in workflow, focus and interest in your website’s content.

Developing and designing a website to everyone’s needs and expectations is near impossible – but guaranteeing a streamlined tour of your content builds interest and reduces bounce-rate on your site. Always make sure to:

  • improve your website’s navigation based on user journey,
  • use pop-ups with accurate CTAs and only use when necessary,
  • provide fast and efficient loading times for your site and
  • create true paths for user interaction on contact forms and other input fields.

Think of your website as a reflection of your company’s principles: is every aspect of your site easy to use? Does it deliver a unique experience that is true to your brand? Are you proud to share your website with people?

If you hate your website, it’s guaranteed that users will hate it too. Figuring out what you may need to improve your site requires professional help; get in touch with 4Sight to put your website at the top of everyone’s love list.